About us

Urban Thrill Seekers was founded in 2009, and is operated by a dynamic group of individuals. We utilize our knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest quality in fitness activities.

Our focus on providing quality fitness programs and workout routines makes us stand out amongst our biggest competitors!

As one of the leaders in fitness Activity Events, Urban Thrill Seekers is the preferred choice for individuals seeking better nutrition, top fitness routines, adventures, fun, and to learn something new. Our mission and goal is to get people active and fit, while promoting a better life style. Our fitness routines and workouts have become the most successful and talked-about events in town!

Our members ranges from men to women, young to old, all races, all ethnics, who live across the country and around the world. Our events offer an ingenious way for people to meet each other, do extraordinary things, promote confidence, raise awareness as well as funds for charitable organizations. Urban Thrill Seekers brings people together in unique places to meet, mingle, have fun while getting fit and learning something new. The results are completely spontaneous, energetic and fun-filled events where strangers can become friends while learning from each other.

Our training methodology consist of high intensity functional movements that will condition your body for any challenge. Prepare for anything, Are you game?

Our Mission: is to get people active and fit, while promoting a healthier life style.

Urban Thrill Seeker’s Team (Corporate Division)

1780883_10207318362625742_9207864642502633451_nDavid Coello, CEO. An entrepreneur, and founder of Urban Thrill Seekers. He brings to the table unique training methodologies as fun filling events that will give you fast results that will last and prepare your body for any challenge. “We bring people together in unique environments to get fit, mingle, and have fun”. The results are completely energetic and fun-filled events out of the ordinary, where strangers can learn something new, and get active… “Are you game?”

ACE (American Council on Exercise)

  • Certified Personal Trainer

WITS (World Instructor Training Schools )

  • 2014 College of Staten Island – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Exercise and Caloric Consumption


  • Corrective Exercise Specialization – CES
  • Performance Enhancement Specialization – PES
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist – FNS


  • Level 1


  • 2014 American Heart Association

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Level 1 and Level 2

American Heart Association

  • CPR
  • First Aid

 USA Army/ reserves and national guard

  • 2002 -2012

julie coelloJulie Coello: She brings to the table unique nutrition & training techniques that are fun and easy to achieve with amazing results that will  prepare your body for any challenge. Julie Specializes in teens and adult nutrition.


  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist – FNS
  • Jenny Craig – Nutrition Coach