Terms of use and Disclaimer

This is the legal agreement between all users, members, and participants of this site (UrbanThrillSeekers.com) Urban Thrill Seekers and, urbanThrillSeekers.com. Urban Thrill Seekers organizes extreme events referred to as extreme events, extreme sports, extreme activities, reality web and reality tv shows to introduce Urban Thrill Seekers users to each other with similar interest.

This page contains the “Terms of Use” of Urban Thrill Seekers. The “Terms of Use” is also referred to as our “Disclaimer” or “Terms and Conditions.” Our Terms of Use constitute a “Legal Agreement” between every Visitor of our website (nyThrillSeekers.com) and/or Participant of our extreme events and activities.  Our Terms of Use are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice. Every Visitor and/or Participant takes all responsibility and agrees to be solely accountable for not abiding by the Terms of Use as outlined in this “Agreement.”

All Participants must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult if under 18 years old. If requested, Participant(s) must carry and immediately provide proof of identity and age to our host.

Participants may not make any claims about our services on any complaint sites without first reaching out to us to let us fix any issues you may have with our services.

By registering for one of our extreme events and activities you declare that You are capable of interacting in our events and activities.  Urban Thrill Seekers does not check the background on Participants.  You agree that it is your sole responsibility to perform these checks if desired.

At our extreme event you are not allowed to ask for someone’s contact information directly. You are not allowed to make any sexual, lewd, or inappropriate remarks. You are not allowed to ask any sexual, lewd, or inappropriate questions. You are not allowed to touch anyone in an inappropriate way or follow someone home. You are not allowed to loiter outside the venue after the event if the venue owner, manager, or staff has asked you leave. You must immediately leave the venue if our host asks you to leave.

Urban Thrill Seekers reserves the right to reject any Participant from registering to one of our extreme events and activities for any reason whatsoever, or if registration has been effectuated, refund Participant’s registration fee in full and prevent User from participating in any Urban Thrill Seekers event.

If an event is canceled you will be notified immediately by Urban Thrill Seekers and refunded the money you paid to register for the event. If an event is postponed (moved to another date), you agree to attend the new event. If an event is moved to another venue, you agree to attend the event at the new venue. If you cannot attend due to a postponement or venue change, you are required to notify Urban Thrill Seekers immediately, so that we can then issue you a refund for the amount paid or give you credit toward another event.


Urban Thrill Seekers will not sell or misuse any Participant’s information.  By registering and participating for an event online or at nyThrillSeekers.com or attending one of our extreme events or activities, you give us permission and all rights urban thrill seekers to distribute all content including pictures, film, videos footage, tape recordings and all other documents or tangible materials to Urban Thrill Seekers.

You agree that you will use the nyThrillSeekers.com website lawfully and ethically. Our website contains copyrighted and proprietary information. No visitor or Participant is allowed to download or share any images or text from our site. No visitor or Participant is allowed to recreate our website for personal use that includes saving our website in full or in part on their hard drive or in a PDF or other file.

In this paragraph “Competitor” refers to any company or organization in the same industry as Urban Thrill Seekers, or friend, relative, or employee of anyone in or associated with any company or organization in the same industry as Urban Thrill Seekers, including, extreme sports, extreme activities, and extreme reality web/tv broadcasting websites or organizers of social events. If you are a Competitor of Urban Thrill Seekers you cannot visit our website to learn “tricks of the trade.” You cannot use software to examine our website’s PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, and our number of visitors each month, what venues we work with, or view our website source code. You also cannot use any software on our website to check our website grade, number of backlines, or other information. If you are a Competitor you are not allowed to register for any of our extreme events or extreme activities without prior consent from the CEO or CIO of Urban Thrill Seekers. If you are a competitor you are required to inform Urban Thrill Seekers that you are a Competitor if you plan to attend one of our events.

It is your responsibility to take care of your property during and after our event. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property or any property you may have left behind at any of our events. We will make our best effort to help you search/or report any stolen or lost property, or any property left behind, so as long as we have been notified of the problem in a reasonable and timely manner.

All gift certificates must be purchased by a person of 18 years of age or more, and for a person of 21 years of age or more.

Urban Thrill Seekers does not offer any monetary refunds unless we have purposefully cancelled an event or postponed an event to a date/time/place you are unable to attend. Under all other circumstances, our sole liability is to replace admission for one event with the admission of another event.

Participant must notify Urban Thrill Seekers via email or phone to give prior notice of cancellation or reschedule. If Participant fails to show at our event and did not notify us of his/her planned absence within 5 days, Participant forfeits his/her admission and all refunds and transfers. Urban Thrill Seekers can make exceptions to this Rule at its discretion.

Urban Thrill Seekers organizes many ethnic-themed events. Any paying Participant is free to attend any of our ethnic events whether he/she is of the same ethnic group specified for the event or not.

From time to time Urban Thrill Seekers has “Price Specials” for users. You agree that it is up to Urban Thrill Seekers who it wishes to give a price special to and event.

You agree that in case of any damage to You, our sole liability will be equal to the price of the event ticket that You purchased.

If you dispute our charge for any reason and initiate a charge back with your credit card company, we are authorized by you to send your credit card company a copy of the credit card authorization form you signed as well as a copy of your signed match card as proof of attendance. If you fail to attend an event without notifying us of your absence within 5 business days (as aforementioned), you are in no way entitled to a refund. In case you cannot attend, and notify us after the 5 allotted days, we can apply your payment toward a future speed dating event, but you are not entitled to a monetary refund. If you initiate a charge back in violation of our terms and conditions, you agree that we may take legal action against you and that you are solely responsible for all legal fees (Yours and Urban Thrill Seekers ’s), and that you will also compensate us for the time our staff spent fighting the charge back.

You agree to let us publish any testimonial you submit to Urban Thrill Seekers on its website including audio, videos footage, tape recordings and all other documents or tangible materials whatsoever.

Upon registering for a extreme event, contacting us through a contact form, or entering your email address on any form on the Urban Thrill Seekers website, you consent that your email will be collected for the purposes of email promotions, including any notifications of upcoming events, or parties. The messages may pertain to Urban Thrill Seekers or events and news by other sites run by Urban Thrill Seekers’s managers, such as nythrillseekers.com, or others.



Videos and pictures

All images and video clips which appears on the website are copyright to nythrillseekers.com. We intend no harm on displaying these on our website. By Attending our events you are giving consent to Urban Thrill seekers to post images and videos of events and owner ship of such content. If you own the rights to any of the images,objects and do not wish them to appear on this website please contact us and they will be promptly removed.


“Section 1711.551 of the revised code requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this events and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Failure to comply is a MISDEMEANOR.”