NY Teen Thrill Seekers

NY Teen Thrill Seekers

Juls completely energetic and fun-filled person also one of the core people in the teen thrill seekers group and reality TV show. Julie is an organizer, and promoter for Teen thrill seekers events while promoting awareness for the environment, and charitable organizations. Julie  is the back bone of the teen thrill seekers and will challenge her self in every event from surfing in San Diego to rock climbing and rappeling in upstate New York, so… Are you Game?


Lauren provides you with adventures in extraordinary environments she is one of the core members of the teen thrill seekers group and reality TV show. Lauren has tackled on snow tubing, snow boarding, and loves the winter sports.



TJ completely energetic and fun-filled guy he is also one of the core members of the urban thrill seekers group and reality TV show. TJ  is always up for a challenge from the spartan race in NH to white water rafting in PA.




Edwin is completely sponteneous and energetic guy is also one of the leads members of the Teen Thrill Seekers group and reality TV show. Edwin is a spurt of the moment type of guy, he is up to any challenge with a minute motice from indoor free fall in South Carolina to Kite Surfing in Miami.



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