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Warrior Dash NJ 2015

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Warrior Dash in Millville, NJ. I had an awesome time overall in this race. I’ve heard a lot of fuzz about this race in the last 2 years and i just had to try. The organizers where down to earth, well knowledgeable about the course and extremely helpful when i got there. I was volunteering as usual, this is the best way to network and have a clear view about the 4 main points of most OCR Events in which are: the race, the community, the staff and the organization. This race had all 4 points on the money!

At first I was a little disappointed when I found out that the timing chips were taken away this year, because I was dying to see my time in this race. But after talking to one of the staff members he told me the issues that they had between the cost for each chip and how fast they get lost or broken on the field, any way my starting time was 12:45 PM, and man! it was hot as hell at that time. But no worries, because when i got to the finish line one of the volunteers had a watch and I was able to get my finish time which was 1:20 pm. The obstacles were a little difference than usual and really far part from each other. The first obstacle was about at the 1 mile mark, which I usually hate having to run so much to get t the first obstacle, specially if it is a mountain like the PA Spartan, but I really didn’t minded it this time because it was flat ground. It wasn’t as crowed when I ran and it seems that the waves were timed really well so it there wasn’t much waiting at any one obstacle.

The course was a well thought out and it was a bit challenging if you are new to the OCR world and it was geared mainly towards running. The water stations were well located just at the right time and place before over heating. the crow was great full of energy and enthusiastic about the challenge.

This is a great starter to mid level race, I highly recommended if you don’t mind not getting your time recorded. I would’ve been nice having a few more obstacles and been able to see my results. I would’ve at liked to have seen my placing on the over all and on my age group This way I would’ve known who’s a Warrior and who isn’t! ha!

overall  ★ ★ ★ ★ stars out of 5



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