NY Thrill Seekers… are you Game?

Welcome to Urban Thrill seekers NY Division, leaders in extreme sports and extreme activities Events, NY Thrill Seekers is the preferred choice of people seeking fun, friendship and adventures. Our events have become the most successful and talked-about in town and USA!

Our members are individuals who live in the tri state area, as well as other parts of the USA, looking to escape the ordinary. Our events offer an ingenious way for people to meet each other with common interest while promoting team work, motovation, as well as awareness to raise funds for charity organizations. Urban Thrill Seekers bring them together in unique places to meet, mingle, learn something new and have fun. The result is a completely sponteneous, energetic and fun-filled events where strangers can become friends while learning from each other.

We have established a great relationship with many of today’s most popular venues, and charitable organizations allowing us to provide our members with great environments to have fun and share common interest. Are you Game?

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Haunt for thrills at the NYC Arts Cypher building July 19, 2012

It is official our first paranormal investigation for this summer will be July 19 at the NYC Arts Cypher building at 12 broad st. Staten island NY, this building was also known as the haunted cafe back in the 80s.  read more >>

 Rebel Race military style obstacles – Sat July 21 2012


Let the body’s hit the floor, Coed mud wrestling challenge 8/4/2012

As you know our events are all about getting people together with common interest, having fun while discovering new thrill seeking Adventures. read more >>

Review Second Annual white water rafting challenge, Sat. June 16 2012