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Lets play paintball (be on TV)!!!

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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the summer (sort off). lol

It’s been a great weather as of yet and what the best way to celebrate this season then to shoot your friends with a gun as they run for cover. Sorry that’s a paintball gun, just to clarify.

Anyway, Bring along a friend or that person you don’t like so you can shoot at them 🙂 This package includes everything you’ll need to have a fun filled Saturday with meeting new people and shooting at them.

We are going to High Velocity paintball Outdoor Complex in Coram LI. This is the largest field in New York. With 7 individual fields we play many different games

Please Visit http://urbanthrillseekers.com/ (create your profile and join the fun)

So, what you waiting for, This trip has it all!!!

1: Shoot your enemy (bring that primal killer instinct to the surface)

2: Win a prize.

A simple game of filling your friends with paintball slugs!!!

OH did i mention…

This event will be filmed for TV…Come join us, Bring your Thrill Seeker out, have fun and do something cool!!!

After a small pre game interview (smile for the camera) you’ll decide if you want to be a part of this new venture with NY Thrill Seekers!!!

This Sunday March 25, 2012, let play some paintball. Whether you play in castles or in woods, it’s you vs. me; your squad vs. mine. Are your strategies, aim and tactics good enough to win? This was and is the draw to paintball. When you enlist with us for the day, we want you to forget everything else and immerse yourself into the game of survival – be the hunter not the hunted.

Paintballis an intense, exciting sport that has taken the world by storm it is one of the fastest growing sports. Paintball has been described as a combination of Cops & Robbers, Hide and seek, with a little bit of Chess thrown in.

Paintball is small ball made with a thin gelatin shell & Filled with a biodegradable, colored filling to leave a colored mark on the opposing players when the impact on them. The Paintball is propelled by markers powered by compressed CO2 gas. And man do they hurt!

Let the thrill seekers in you vs. me, let’s play paintball everyone.

As always if you have any questions please E-Mail on of our organizers or call

Vasil 347-409-9129

David 347-393-2861


When : Sunday, March  25th, 2012

Pick Time : 8:30am- Battery Park Corner of Water street and Whitehall Street For those who will need carpool.

Carpool Fee–$20

Paintball game Max People : 50 Level: 1st timers to advanced Cost: Group pricing will be posted (04/19/12) What to wear: Old sneakers, I would recommend two layers of sweat suit material clothing. What to bring: Lunch and water (food can be purchased there and we will have few snacks), Change of clothes and sneakers for the trip back.

Price includes: – Private Fields and dedicated referees – Admission – Gun, mask & goggles – 500 bullets – Unlimited C02 fill up – Making fun of your friends you shoot.

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Are you Game???

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