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JDRF and NY Thrill Seekers BIG Scavenger Hunt, $1000 cash prize.

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Hi everyone, So the spring is here, and what better way to celebrate spring then with NY Thrill Seekers BIG Scavenger hunt and to enjoy your victory how about $1000 cash prize!!!.

The rules are simple and easy.

  1. We will release a list of items and tasks that you need to find or do on Friday of April 13th at 5 PM. Via Facebook, email, meetup.com/nythrillseekers, nythrillseekers.com, and cupidny.com
  2. You have 3 days to take this challenge and find all items or do the tasks from the list.
  3. Snap pictures or videos while doing items from the TASK list, you must display Nythrillseekers.com banners so we know is current and real.
  4. The first one to send us, or post the pictures & videos of all the items and task from the list wins the $1000 cash prize.
  5. You must register for this event to participate. Registration is free.
  6. Second place and third place prizes will also be given out!!!

With your consent we will post the winner on our site and add the picture and video to our gallery.

Are you game???!!!

to donate to JDRF please click on this image

JDRF is leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.


Is there an age limit? No, but there are restrictions. Under 16 must be accompany with and an adult over 18.

Can i do the Big Scavenger Hunt with a group? Yes, groups are allowed, but everyone in that group must be on the pictures and videos. You cannot separate your group to tackle several task or events at one time. lol

Where do i get my banner and what should it say? You create your own banner; it must be big and readable with the words NYTHRILLSEEKERS.COM. The banner can be card board, cloth, or plastic, is really up to you be creative have fun!

How many items will it be? It is to be determine not sure yet. We estimate about 30 items from a list of 50 or 60 tasks.

Where will this items/task be? All task and items will be distributed between NYC, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

How much time do I have to collect all my items/task?You have from Friday, Aprill 13th 5:00 pm until April 15th midnight.

How do i find out if I/We won? All winners will get an email or phone call Thursday April 19th, with the results.

Where do I get my list? We will release the list of task on April 13th 5:00 pm, via email, nythrillseekers.com, cupidny.com, facebook.com/nythrillseekers, my FB page facebook.com/dcoello69, meetup.com/nythrillseekers, Vasil’s fb personal page and Fred’s FB personal page. We will add more resource in the next few days.

Why do i need to register? So we could keep track who is playing, send them the task list and to contact you for your prize! lol

How do i submit my picts and videos? Send all pict and videos to BSH33012@nythrillseekers.com or onto our face book page, this way we have a time stamp on everyone.

Do I/We submit all items at one time? No is best if you submit each task right after you take the pict or video. Remember the winner is first come first serve, for all task.

send us additional questions at david@nythrillseekers.com

Register now!

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