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NY Thrill Seekers Video Interview!!! for reality TV Pilot

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When: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 7:00 PM
Selected By: David
Where: Madame X, 94 W Houston St, New York, NY

Hello everyone, Man! We have grown so fast in this last year and as a part of that experience we would like to invite all to take short time off, on Wed march 14th to tell us about your NY Thrill Seeking Experiences. We will be going around and taking small video footage by our film director Fred Coscia and interview our members about their NY thrill seeking Adventures. We will be posting with your consent this footage on nythrillseekers.com Site along with your profile, as well as facebook, youtube and local TV networks as a reality TV show pilot.

This will be ongoing event for the rest of the times, so to speak. lol  It will easy, fun and exciting rush. Let others learn about us and how we enjoy our lives. Also is a great way to build your NY Thrill seeker resume!!!

Show us you’re Support and let’s harness that NY Thrill Seeker in you. Escape the draining day in day out routine. Don’t get me wrong, career is the most important thing; we work to make money and make our life and that of our family comfortable. But at the end of the day, week moth or a year, you need to take few moments out for yourself. Take few seconds off and do something crazy, with us @ http://www.nythrillseekers.com, get your heart pumping. Recharge your batteries, before you run out. Trust me; nothing rejuvenates you more than a conscious fall out a plane. Going down the Rapids, Gliding in the air like a bird, or just a simple picnic with friends, nothing comes close. Well… Except maybe falling in love for the first time, or hold your new born for the first time. But hey, how many times can you do that? (well… lol)

Join us @ Madame X, 94 W Houston St, New York, NY; Wed march 14th, let’s turn our self into the next social phenomena in reality TV. Never forget, although our primary goal is to be interactive group of extreme sports, as well as active single events. We are all here as like-minded individuals that crave to be at the top, pushing yourself to new heights is not just a goal native to this group, but to our individuality and to personal being as well.

Think about it, We here doing what others only dream about, we also enjoy a company of a smart and self-driven people. Geeks, nerds, bodybuilders, construction workers, beauty queen, ice queen, no matter who you are and what you do, you can be sure to meet another NY Thrill Seekers like yourself here with us. Don’t forget, we all here to help each other and to bring the thrill back into your vocabulary. We have adventure coaches, dating coaches and event live coaches to help each other out.

One last thing, I promise, lol

As mentioned before, we are making a TV pilot. As such, and with the consent of each member willing to be a part of the production. Your individual interviews and those of the group events will be used.

So to recap: Sign up to register for Video Interview event and enjoy the new Thrills to come send us an email or text and visit us at www.NYthrillseekers.com.

PS: We are affiliated with Red Cross, Cancer association American Heart association and few other benevolent organization, so going out to event means you donating to Red Cross and supporting valuable research and development of the Future. 

David & Vasil



Our mission is simple, bringing people together with common interest.

check our our interview at the staten island comedy show airing Moday at 2AM ch 57 in Manhattan, and on the web at mnn,or on youtube at http://youtu.be/g3KGM2ziLLI

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