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Raise the ROOF for American Cancer Society!!!

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Hello everyone, so here is another great cause sponsored by NY Thrill Seekers.
I don’t think I’ll be writing too much as this event will speak for itself definitely bring out the inner Thrill Seeker and adrenaline junkie in you to the surface. But I don’t think that will happen so if you like to get to the sign up link just scroll down after you read first two paragraphs of event details.

So… NY Thrill Seekers partnered with American Cancer Societyto hold something NEW, in the BIG Apple!

Event Details

We will be raising funds for as the title goes American Cancer Society. This is one of those things that unfortunately have touched all of us one way or another, and in the TRUE Thrill Seeker style we will host and participate in an incredible event that will help in fighting this disease!

We will be rappelling down a 33 Story building at 2 Pen Plaza—Yep you read it right! This summer we will shut down a small part on New York City and you will see 200 crazy adrenaline junkies climbing down the building. I can already imagine the faces of all the people walking down. 2 Penn Plaza June 22-23, 2012 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
But hey, even though an event like that does not need any more entertainment but who would want to keep looking up all day.

Well you won’t have to, we will have lots of entertainment. Singers, Live music, DJ, martial arts presentations, dancers, snacks you name it. Even if you will not be able or too scared (yea you heard it, I called YOU too scared) to participate. Come and join in for support. Mark your calendar and keep that Saturday or Sunday (depending on weather) open.

I don’t think you see people climbing down the skyscraper every day, especially in NY.
For those who would want to join and participate, please don’t delay the space is limited and we only have 200 spots open (this year).

130 of which already been filled out I know who would of thought something like this would be popular!

Please visit this link to join official NY Thrill Seekers team http://main.acsevents.org/goto/NYThrillSeekers or participate as an individual or create your own team! You can read details on the site as well or post questions here.

Aside from that, this event will be featured on radio and televised, live video feeds, cameras and pictures so you be able to keep the memory of the event. Anyway if you had enough patience to get all the way here.

All I got to say is… ARE YOU GAME!!!

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