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Skydiving!!! Come And Join us!!! Sunday, April 1, 2012, 7:00 AM

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You can usually find me at the drop Zone quite often (as long as weather is good)

Bellow the instructions and all you need to know to make this trip.

Please Visit Vasiliy Facebook Page for pics of our members if you like.

Easies way to find out more about this event or If you have any other questions, to check other dates when I and other members of the team be going to the drop zone please give me a call. Vasil–347-409-9129

I am creating a competition team and in the process of solidifying a college skydiving club. I usually try to go at least twice a month. The skydiving season never stops!!!

Here is the updated information for all SKYDIVERS.

We are using Cross Keys drop zone as our official Skydivers central!!!

Here is little secret to all, Skydiving is one of the most safe activities you can do to get a nice thrill. Walking on the streets of Manhattan is actually more hazardous to your health. Do not believe nor listen to inherent dismay and fear you or anyone around you has toward skydiving. Try it, and see for yourself.

See ya at the DROP ZONE!!!

Ok here is the break down.

ONE, the price:

Your first tandem is as posted $175 total (no gear fee, as they have posted on cross keys skydiving site) this is even less from a standard group rate.

All consecutive tandem jumps are priced at $160 per person.

So, if you want to take the leap, you pay $50 deposit to me and $125 is paid directly to the drop zone.

Deposits to reserve you spot will be enforced once the official skydiving season starts.

Refund Policy: (is applicable after the season starts, currently you are not required to pay me this fee) your deposits fee does not disappear, you pay me

1) The $50 deposit is refundable if you notify me with in 72hours from the jump day that you cannot make it.

2) In case the day is canceled or rescheduled due to weather conditions.

3) Even if we come out and end up waiting for good weather conditions, you can get a full refund.

4) Under special circumstances if you call after 72hours deadline to cancel and I have extra people coming I will be able to refund the deposit in that case as well.

Plus this place makes it really easy to get certified and graduate to a solo diver. Joining my, in the process of forming Skydivers club. (More detail on that later). To find out the price for citification, just call me using the number below.

Next the video package:

100% your very first dive needs to be recorded, otherwise you and more importantly your friends won’t believe it happened. So the price for this is $110 for video and $30 more for still and video package. But I was able to secure the discounted price of $95 for video + $20 for still pictures. If you like to have just the stills, you’ll need to pay $95

Regardless of what you’ll decide, I always take lots of pictures. Those are uploaded to my Facebook account.

This is not only a sport, it’s a lifestyle, come and join me!!!

In the meantime, Please everyone text me your name and email to 347-409-9129. Because this is highly weather dependant sport, it makes it easier for me to dispense any updates for this event due to weather.

Also, this is very important, we are using a Cross Keys skydiving center, its located 300 Dahlia Ave Williamstown, NJ 08094-3470 US. I need to know who is driving and from where. And who needs a carpool and where you coming from. So please include that info in your text message as well. You can also send this info to me using this email (vrvasil@optonline.net).

You can start sending. Payments, e-mail and texts right away

If you are doing a tandem (if it’s your first time and you are not certified, then you’ll be doing a tandem jump attached to an instructor). All instructors here have over 10years of experience and quite a few have over 25000jumps.

There is a mandatory transport fee, if you’ll be carpooling. That will include shared costs of gas/toll/rental – and spreads the costs of the vehicles fairly across to each person. It will be $25 per person (the road tolls recently went up). Collected the day of the trip, Please do not wait for driver to ask, have it ready in the first minutes you enter the car and settle in. Please call 347-409-9129 (Vasil) if have any questions. We will be meeting at Battery Park at the time above. You can also drive out to my neighborhood and leave the car there if driving on your own.

Please if you be driving on your own, let me know that as well and if I can arrange spot for someone else if need be.

Carpool pick up location:

1 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004


I’ll see you all at there. Can’t wait to jump with you!

Packing Gear:

Here is the deal: Get ready to bring out your inner daredevil because we’re about to give you a little push: $175 gets you tandems skydive.

· Must be 18 years or older and weigh under 240 lbs for males or 210 lbs for females.

· Must sign a waiver prior to jump and must be in good health.

· Must have your ID and be 18 year of age.

· All jumps are subject to weather guidelines and restrictions laid out by the FAA. Any jumps canceled due to the weather can be rescheduled (but not refunded).

· Experience takes 1.5 hours on weekdays and 2.5 hours on weekends, usually more.

· Optional HD Video package is available (This can be requested and paid at the drop zone).

Bring some beer with you, we will usually stay to the end and hang out with the Pro Flyers, swapping stories and drink some beer.

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