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Bike ride Nutrition On The Road

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When out on a long ride, (I mean longer than 50 miles), you have to eat to keep up your strength. Most rides are SAGed, so every ten miles you get to have cookies, fruit, candy bars, i usually do protein bars, ect. EAT THEM!!! Your body is burning fuel at a tremendous rate while you are riding, and you need the energy you get from the munchies. This is especially true if you are on a week long tour.

I burn around 11 calories a minute when I am riding at 15 mph. That adds up to 660 calories per hour, over a 5 hour ride, (75 miles), that is 3300 calories. If you burn that many calories for 5 days straight, you need to eat. So, stop and have a burger or sandwich about half way through the ride, (During a long I have been known to stop and eat meals twice, and snacks as often as we can ), or just stop and have some pie or ice cream. make up your carbs dont worry about it…Enjoy yourself!

During your training you need to eat frequently while riding so that your body gets used to digesting food and fueling you as you ride. That way, when you tackle the open road you can keep going while those around you Bonk. Don’t over do it though. All things in moderation at all times, but don’t worry about your waist line on a long tour. You need the calories to stay healthy.

Power bars are great, or just a good old Snickers bar will work too. Goo and power gels are wonderful on the road food and are easy to digest and use. Really anything will work but I keep as low fat as I can. enjoy see you on the nyc to chicago ride.

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