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Birthday Ideas for Thrill Seekers

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Those who are constantly seeking an adrenaline rush would likely appreciate a birthday celebration that allows them to obtain this jolt. If charged with the task of planning a birthday outing for a thrill seeker, consider an assortment of ways in which you can give this birthday girl what she seeks. Select a thrilling activity for your birthday celebrant to make her next birthday an exciting one.

Kayak Trip

  • Hit the rapids with your thrill seeker for his birthday. To give your birthday boy this adventure opportunity, buy him a kayak as a birthday present, or pay for a rental from a local livery. Select a rough and wild section of water and venture down the river in this kayak for some splashy birthday fun.

Amusement Park Adventure

  • Try out some roller coasters with your adrenaline-junkie birthday girl. Buy tickets to an area amusement park for her and several of her friends. Drive them to this adventure zone, and move with them around the park, encouraging them to take on the biggest and baddest rides the park has to offer.

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Rock Climbing Excursion

  • Thrill your adventure-loving birthday boy with an activity not fit for the faint of heart by taking him on a rock climbing excursion. Head out to an area with established rock climbing or, if no area of this type exists near you, visit an indoor rock climbing park. Pay for the birthday boy to test his courage and his muscles on this rock climbing wall on his birthday.

Sky Diving Adventure

  • If the individual whose birthday you are celebrating is a truly brave soul, try the ultimate in thrill-seeking and go sky diving. Arrange for this birthday individual to take a sky diving class or complete a tandem dive with a trained sky diver. If you are just as brave as the birthday boy, go along for the ride. If not, let him brave the skies solo or with a brave friend, while you take pictures from below.

Splash-tastic Water Skiing

  • Take advantage of local water hot spots by going water skiing with your birthday boy or girl. If you have your own powerboat, use this vessel along with water ski equipment to treat your birthday boy to this activity. If not, find a local charter company that offers water skiing outings. Take your birthday boy, along with several of his friends, on this fun-in-the-water birthday outing.

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