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Camping First Aid Kits

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If going on a camping trip either alone or with others, it is important to first ascertain the type of camping you will be doing. Will you be taking your vehicle, pulling up next to your tent site with electric availability, which many would consider your cushy type camping, or are you going to be trekking in a remote area such as the Rockies with a backpack and tent on your back for several days? Both require planning, obviously one more than the other, regarding the content and size of the first aid kit you will be carrying. First aid kits should be tailored to the type of trip you are taking, as well as to the amount of people that are going. Clearly when camping close to your vehicle, first aid can remain very basic as we have the available transportation to get to a clinic or hospital for care within a reasonable amount of time, vs. being miles away in the Rockies in a rustic type atmosphere which requires a little more preplanning.

In a wilderness atmosphere where medical care is not immediately available, creativity is important. For example, in terms of splinting, a variety of creative implements can be used such as ski poles, twigs and gun barrels. Please see our 7-day kit that we advise. All of those items should be brought along, as well as a metal match to start your fire in case of implement weather, along with matches, flashlights and a fluorescent orange tarp which can have many uses such as carrying water, signaling for help and keeping one dry.

As in all of our first aid kits, there will be some overlap. Please be advised and plan accordingly.

Tips: is always best to go on any trip on a buddy system and not alone.

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