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Dangerous Power Fusion

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The Dangerous Power Fusion is a tournament grade paintball gun that can easily compete with the best guns out there. While it is slightly heavier and has fewer firing modes than other high-end guns, it also only costs a fraction of the price.

High-end gun at an introductory price
Good consistency and accuracy
Good locking feedneck
Break beam eyes

Heavier than other high-end guns
Toggle switches to change firing modes are cumbersome
On/off is difficult to use

High-end electropneumatic paintball gun
Requires a 9-volt battery
Cocker threaded barrel
Requires compressed air (no CO2)
Available in a wide range of colors
Manufacturer’s Site
Online Manual
Guide Review – Dangerous Power Fusion

The Dangerous Power Fusion is a high-end electronic paintball gun. The Fusion I tested had a v2 board which has semi-automatic, ramping and fully-automatic (15 bps and 25 bps) modes as well as some typical formats like NPPL and PSP. While it’s easy to change modes, you have to remove the grip and toggle four switches. Power is controlled by a single button on the rear of the frame. The gun is simply laid out and operates with one solenoid – very similarly to an Ego or Intimidator. The gun is well balanced, but the aluminum body could have been milled more to reduce the weight. I was impressed with the locking feedneck and the front trigger guard is large enough that you can hook the thumb from your front hand around it. One annoying feature is the flip on/off – you have to jam your fingernail under it to get a grip and then when it pops open, you have to watch your knuckles or you’ll get a nice bruise.

The Dangerous Power Fusion performs just as any high-end marker should – it’s fast, efficient and accurate. While changing firing modes was somewhat cumbersome, the actual firing performed flawlessly. All of the modes worked well and I was able to get a 12 inch spread at 40 feet and 15 bps. I tested the Fusion with some very brittle paint and I was pleased that I had no breaks in the breach and only a few down the barrel. I was impressed with the trigger, though it isn’t very adjustable. One area where the Fusion could improve is kick – after each shot the gun’s barrel has a tendency to bounce upwards – it doesn’t affect your aim too much, but it is noticeable. The shot is smooth enough that it shouldn’t adversely affect a game, even in a tournament setting.

One thing that really sets the Fusion apart is its ease in maintenance. The entire bolt can be removed in just a few seconds, allowing easy access to the breach. Also, complete disassembly for thorough cleaning and lubing was a simple and quick job.

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