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Getting your skydive license

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You can always do another tandem, however, if you think you’d like to keep jumping, it would be beneficial to get your A-license, which enables you to jump solo (non-tandem/not attached to anyone). Also, once you’re licensed, it’s significantly cheaper to jump. Take a look at the prices differences between tandem and experienced jumps:

Cross Keys:
tandem: $189+30 gear rental=$219, or purchase online for $165 + 30 gear rental=$195
experienced: $24

The Ranch:
tandem: $199 (includes gear rental)
experienced: $23

Skydive Long Island:
tandem: $225 cash, $234 credit card (both include gear rental)
experienced: $24

Depending on the dropzone, there are different programs, either AFP (Accelerated Freefall Progression) or IAF (Instructor Assisted Freefall) — both lead to an A-license & are approximately 10-13 jumps.

Here’s the info for AFP/IAF training for dropzones in the area:

Cross Keys/Freefall Adventures:
AFP program. Approximately $185-195 per jump. Total: $1785-1885 or $1685 web special.

The Ranch:
IAF program. Level 1=$199. Levels 2 through 13 ranges from $50 to $175 per jump.

Skydive Long Island:
AFP program. Contact them for prices.

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