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Invert Mini p paintball gun Review

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The Invert Mini packs lots of performance in a tiny package. It is a high-end gun with a mid-range price tag and works great in the woods or on the speedball course.


  • Small and Light
  • All hoses are enclosed
  • Easy to field strip and clean


  • Somewhat time consuming to change modes
  • Too small for larger hands


  • Requires one 9-volt battery
  • Autococker threaded barrel
  • Has multiple firing modes including Ramping, PSP and NPPL
  • Manufacturer’s Website

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The Invert Mini is designed to be small and compact and it excels in both areas. Its rear- and fore-grips contain all electronics and even conceal all hoses, leaving the Mini with very clean lines and a simple body that makes cleaning a snap with only one screw to remove to access the gun. The Mini is about as small a paintball gun as an average sized paintball player can comfortably use, though a player with larger hands might struggle to use the Mini. As an added bonus, the Mini comes with a nice case with tools.

Invert made the Mini very simple to use straight out of the box with just one button necessary to power up the gun and to act as a safety. Once the Mini is powered and gassed up it fires effortlessly and fires as quickly as you can pull the trigger. While I found the stock trigger to be somewhat basic for a gun at this price level, there are multiple trigger upgrades available and an after-market trigger I used made the Mini perform comparably to other high-end guns. Changing modes isn’t difficult, but it does require removing the fore-grip cover and takes some time.

In terms of accuracy and consistency the Mini performed admirably and I have no complaints. At fifty feet I was able to put ball after ball into a 12 inch circle without difficulty and most shots stayed in a 6 inch circle. The trigger frame comfortably fits up to 3 fingers and I had no problem sustaining a high rate of fire.

My only complaint is that the compact size of the mini makes it just a little smaller than my optimal size and my hand on the front grip seemed just a little too close to my rear hand.

The Mini isn’t really intended to be upgraded extensively as all of its components were designed specifically to keep things small and compact. There are a few upgrades including triggers, feednecks and barrels.

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