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Kayaking FAQ

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Need to Know!!!

Q. Do you have lockers at each location?
A. Yes, we do, and we also have locks, but we prefer you bring your own. You be also able to leave your personal belongigs in the Car.

Q. Do you have changing rooms and showers?
A. Yes, but only at the Pier 96 location.

Q. What should I bring?.
A. Bring a bathing suit, or shorts and a T-Shirt. Bring a lock. We have changing rooms, and a hose to rinse off at our Pier 96. All locations have Lockers. Bring your own lock!

Q. What kind of kayaks do you have?.
A. All our public kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks. The boats are unsinkable, and self bailing. Any water that splashes up on the boat drains out the holes in the bottom. If you capsize you can just climb back on top and continue to paddle. Because the boats are self bailing the seat of your pants will get wet while you paddle.
The Boathouse also owns a number of traditional cockpit type kayaks. These boats are only for advanced users, and are only used during special programs and by active volunteers
They require some training and close supervision by our volunteers. One of the benefits of becoming a volunteer at the boathouse is the opportunity to try out one of these kayaks.
We have both single and double kayaks. A single kayak accommodates one person, a double kayak requires two people. Some of our double kayaks have a space for a kiddy seat so that small children can ride in the kayak between the two adult paddlers.

Q. Can I rent a kayak, what does it cost?
A. NO! you can’t rent anything because everything is 100% free. We know this is New York, and people think that there must be catch, but there isn’t. All the equipment is paid for by donations, all the labor is provided for free by the volunteers. If you want to contribute you are welcome to, but its entirely optional.

Q. I am an expert kayaker, and I want to go out of the embayment and into the river on my own, is that ok?
A. NO, you cannot take one of our kayaks and leave the embayment, regardless of your skill level.

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