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NY Thrill seekers Get your jump on last week of May, 2011

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Hi Everyone, this was my first skydive jump, and to be honest i was a bit nervous, i had the butterflies in my stomach, and in my mind i was thinking what if i can’t, and also I’m afraid of hi’s. and my son Edwin and my daughter Julie know this. but i had to conquer this fear, and i had to reclaim myself as a thrill seeker. lol

we try this 2 times before, the first time it was soo windy so we could not go, the second time we had about 8 people that when with us and i had Julie with me, in which she also wanted to try the jump. but at the last minutes the pilot told us that the jumps were cancel, because they had a leak on the plane! a leak on the plane!!!! lol. so this time i came with vasil and some new members of NY Thrill seekers, and we got ready, it was in new jersey skydive, the temperature was about 105 on the field. we where sweating just standing still.

we got on the plane, we reached 5000 feet and i would just take a little peak at the window and keep telling myself i could do this, the pilot turns to us and says “we are only halfway there!” lol. i just took a deep breath made a sign of the cross, of course without anyone seen it. and pray for the best.

once we reached 10000 feet the door opened, i could get the guts to look outside… but i had to the instructor chuck strap the equipment on and to be honest i was in shock!!! lol, then he tells me, when i take my left foot out, you take your left foot out, then I take my right foot out, you take your right foot out”, in my mind i was like cool i could do this, is like the hooky, poky! then he says “then we jump” so i was like ok let’s do it. not he takes his left foot out, as i was taking my left foot out he jumps, the first 300 or 400 feel was something remarkable, and it is almost indescribable with words. imagine falling and there is no stopping nothing to hold on to, and the only thing you could do is fall and enjoy the ride… that was it was like.

after the initial shock it is pure freedom of soul and body. You can see all at one time, no restrictions, no borders. you have to try it. words cannot put this experience into a feeling, only if you do it you can understand what I’m talking about.

Well see you soon on my next adventure, David

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