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ny thrill seekers Paintball at high velocity sunday march 25th, it was a blast

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hey everyone , yesterday we did paintball at high velocity in long island NY, I got up about 630 am to get everyone ready for this trip. the weather was nice a little cloudy but perfect to running around and do paintball. We had about 18 thrill seekers who joining me on this event, including Julie, Edwin, vasil, Fred, Ganon, Lauren, Tj, Cj, Aron, and a few more people.


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we got there around 11 am, traffic was great even without traffic still took us about an hour and the half, along the way we stop in dicks sports store to pick up paintball boxes, the price was about $38.00 per box of 2,000 paintball. In which it is a great price, but little to save because once we got to high velocity we found out we could not use our paintballs, and we had to pay $82.00 per box!!! lol

we got about 4 boxes, then we got inside once inside we had to pick a mask and guns and that itself was a bit challenge. Most of the mask’s have been used so many times that they are scratched, so it becomes really hard to see. and the gun jam because of all the wear and tear. My advice is to get your own mask and paint gun if you like to do this sport. The fields are amazing, great mix of hills and terrain, and the staff are down to earth and responsible.

each thrill seeker played about 7 games, Man it was exhilarating. We were full of mud running around the fields helping each other conquer the other team. Lol. You can’t beat this type of adventure, I highly recommended for couples and parent with kids, is a great way to have fun, bond between each other.

I got hit on game 3 on my back, man I have about 4 black and blues running down a line on my back, Julie took a shot at tj’s leg and got him out, the problem was that tj and Julie were in the same team, our team! lol

After a few hours some of the thrill seekers where passing out, form running around and from getting hit with the paintballs. Gannon, TJ, Edwin, ordered Chinese food to the high velocity. We took a break and got some food and drinks. While catching up to each other’s story about how they got hit, or who they hit on each game.


 Then we when back to the fields played about 3 more games and starting wrapping up to call it the day. On the last game while running down a hill I lost my car keys!!! I

had no idea I lost those key… I was looking for the keys on some of the lost fields, man I thought I was going to have to sleep there until I find my keys! Lol. It turns out someone found my key and gave it to the front desk, my daughter Julie when to the front desk and got the keys. Thanks for who ever found those key, you’re a live saver.

Well that’s my review for our paintball event in high velocity on long island, it was enlivening adventure full of fun and energetic.

Check us out for our next adventure with NY thrill Seekers


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