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ny thrill seekers ride the challenge day 4

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Day 4 Monday may 28th, I got up at 6am, writtin on my blog and getting ready for my ride I will be out  by 8 and ride for every 20 miles and met Edwin  and tj at 20 miles marks only useing google maps for this ride. I will keep you guys with up dates every night and on facebook.

Day 4 continued, I got up pretty early and ready for this morning so I could have time to prepare the map and route for today. Last night it was thundering, and pouring outside so this morning looked very foggy and the ground was a bit wet too. I got into an argument with my son Edwin but I think it was cause I was still all messed up on what happened to vasil, so I had to learn to relax and focus and have some fun on this ride. So i started my ride from the hotel, I when up the side roads until I hit 45 west, until 144 north. 45 west was great for the first 25 to 30 miles after that it was up the mountain, and man! it got up and up and up the temperature was over and the sun was beating on me like it was no tomorrow, half way to 3/4th of the mountain I had to get off my bike and walk the rest. This mountain was a constant incline for a few miles, I think! Lol. It seems like it was forever while walking this mountain my calf were so pumps I already drank all of my water and almost reaching empty with my Gatorade bottle.

At the top of the mountain Edwin and TJ were waiting for me because they found a cool place to take a pic! Thank god! Lol You guys have no idea how happy I was they stopped there!!! Remember I’m not a professional biker and I respect the bikers now more than ever, this sport it is a beautiful sport and just as dangerous and strenuous as any extreme sport… it is a pure work out, I must have burned a few hundred to a few thousands calories today.

Once I hit 144 north I when back towards 80 west and before hitting 80west I got picked up by Edwin and TJ so we could find a hotel along route 80 west, and take a rest and called it the day of day 4. Im not sure how many miles I was able to out in today, the best way is to stay on one road and not take so many side streets. Now we are in the hotel, Edwin and tj when to get Chinese food and we are watching river monsters. Tomorrow we should be out of PA, I hope so, PA is all mountains and man! PA is rough. A couple of times I gotten lost and had Edwin and TJ picking me up to get back to track, the biggest problem we ran into is that many places in PA have no signal. So I had no GPS no phone so before I leave Edwin and TJ we make a game plan on what route I will stay just in case anything happened they know where to find me.

Once I get back to New York I know I could at least 100 miles tour not win but I know I could finish it.

Well this is it for day 4 the Chinese food is here, thank good!!!! Lol

This ride would’ve been an amazing reality tv show!!! We have run into so many wild and crazy things in the last few days.

due to last nights storm the internet is out, so i had to drive to mcdonals to post this journal

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