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ny thrill seekers ride the challenge day 1

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Hi everyone this is day one journal for the n y thrill seekers ride the challenge bike tour from nyc to Chicago.

On Friday may 25th we set pour to do and epic bike tour called ride the challenge to promote and raise money for the young adult institute, an organization that help and provides relives for mentally disable people and children, also known as YAI.

On Friday we took off from morning Side Park in nyc, at about 1130 am, it was myself David Coello, Vasil Ranchinskiy founder of NY thrill Seekers and Amanda Greer. We when up town to the George Washington bridge, while crossing the bridge myself and vasil hit a bridge connector on the floor and we both got flats on our bikes, I lost both of my water bottles on the bump. we had to ride our bikes out of the bridge and try to fix them asap, but we ran into some problems with the bike pumps it turns out we had European tubes and not American so the mouth is smaller and I wasn’t sure how to make our pumps fit that air gage. After working with the pumps for a few minutes without any positive results, vasil and I took on the power of technology and looked for a bike shop near us on our phones. vasil found one within minutes it was about a mile away from us, We walked towards the bike shop on jersey.

At the bike shop we got both bikes fixed the people in the bike shop were the best, great personality good prices and took care of us in minutes, after that we go on our way. Our original route from map my ride got lost, that application is pretty cool but very difficult to use for long distance I think google will be better. So we had to reset a new route, we took route 46 all the way up for the first 50 to 60 miles into the ride, we met our friend Igor at the first stop point for the night. Due to the hills on this route it took us about 7 hours of riding with stops in between when we got tired and breaks for water snacks, energy drinks and to stretch. Some of those hills were brutal!!!   Then he invited us to his house near Poconos so we could spend the night in his house and have a home cooked meal. We met vasil parent at igors house then igor and I cooked steak, corn, macaroni salad, potatoes and pasta.  After our meal Vasil and I had to go back to staten island and pick up some items that where left on my truck we drove there at about 12 and got back around 4 am.

After all this items and road blocks we managed to deal with and finish our first day on our bike tour.

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