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ny thrill seekers ride the challenge day 2

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On SUTURDAY may 26th was a long day, I got up about 7 o’clock in the morning at igors house and vasil was already up working on the map

route. I was tired because we only had about 3 hours of sleep. My self and Amanda got into a small disagreement and she decided to go back home and Igor would give her a ride, while vasil’s parents will stay with us as we do the ride. This was a very strange day; it was like we had signs written all over that day, to not ride that day.

We put the bikes on Vasils parent’s truck so we could go back to the same starting point we left off, as vasil backed up the truck he bottomed out and bent his front tire a little, but we didn’t know this until we got on starting point from our ride. We took the bike to a bike shop and the person working on it didn’t have the right tools so he turned the spoke too much so we had to take the bike to another shop and the guy in the shop fixed the bike and did it for free, once he found out what me and Vasil where doing for the YAI. The moment we got ready to ride it starting to pour out side so we got some Chinese food and waiting for the rain to go away.

Once the rain stooped we got ready to ride, we got our bikes ready and started to ride, it was ironic Vasil’s mom told us it may be a better idea if we just go to the hotel get some rest and start the ride the next day, but I think both of us were just too anxious to ride and get it over with. So we go on our bikes and started to ride. We rode for about 20 minutes or a half an hour it was all downhill, and the hills where pretty big, we must have done about 45 to 60 miles an hour while holding my breaks light going down those hills. I know at some time Vasil clocked the speedometer at about 70 miles per hour going down those mountains.

Then we hit another hills this one was a little different it was very grainy and wet also extreme curvy, it is funny cause it just felt a little different. Vasil was in front of me because he had the route on his phone and he was leading the way my phone was losing connection. I had my break on while going down so I was behind about 30 feet away from Vasil, as we made a sharp right turn I saw Vasil’s front tired rapidly shaking, then it did it again, then as he made the right turn I saw him come off the bike and rolled to the side, it happened it seconds.

I got to him in about 5 seconds after he when down. I saw his bike on one side and then I saw or thought I saw his camel pack next to the rail, I thought Vasil fell down the hill and his pack was there next to the guard metal rail, as I ran to the bag I realize that it was him against the rail in a fetal position, I pulled him off the rail and turned him around as he turned i saw his faces was full of blood with a huge gash on his fore head, like the size of a quarter, he was foaming from the moth like a seizure, and breathing extreme heavy. I took off my shirt and covered his head injury, so he wouldn’t bleed as much, within 5 or 8 minutes his parents came down from the hill top on their truck, his dad ran towards us, and i could see his father disbelieve of his song been on the floor like that. As he came closer he knew it was serious, i could feel his fear and pain in his voice and face, I also have kids and it is the worse feeling in the world to see your kids hurt. Vasil’s father and I kept him down while everyone around us helped us. His father was talking to him; Vasil was talking in and out but didn’t make any sense. I kept trying to talk to him to keep him conscious and and we both kept him from touching his head and from trying to stand up. he was screaming from the pain at times and at other he was just passing out. His mother stopped a truck passing by, and we got ice from a lady driving a truck, he was in shock from the massive hit to his body and head, his cloths were ripped apart from scraping the floor, his elbows full of blood and scraped the layers of skin, his knuckles and finger scrapped and bleeding. His helmed was cracked from the impact. His knees also scrapped he kept sating about his leg hurting him and his wrist. The head wound was so close to his eye that if it would’ve been 1/4 of an inch close he would’ve lost his right eye. Also his ear was full of blood, he cracked a tooth and his was scratched up and nonstop bleeding.

 Man! If it wasn’t for that helmet he would’ve never made it. Sometimes is hard to believe in god or something bigger than us but when you see what I saw yesterday is hard not to believe. The ambulance came very fast and the cops too, the EMT people took off his helmet and the camel pack by cutting it out of his back, they immediate out a neck brace to stabilize him, and within minutes they got him on a stretcher and put him on the ambulance with his mother. I got the bikes together gave the information to the police, and We followed the ambulance to geisinger wyoming valley hospital in plains PA it was about 20 minute ride. The ride felt like it was for hours neither me nor his father talked as we drove to the hospital. We didn’t know if he was going to make it to through the night or even through the ambulance ride. we arrived at the hospital his father walked in and i waited at the waiting room  i called Amanda and told her what happend. I waited few minutes then his mother came out and told me to come in. you could see his father trying to control his feelings and his mother supporting him by his side as we waited in the ER emergency room waiting area. His parents when to see him as i waited in that room for a few hours, i called edwin and julie and told them what happend i also posted on facebook, and i actually didnt know who else to called so i called my ex and right after i did i realized i made a mistake, i guess it was like a fight or flight reaction, i didnt know who to talk to and tell them how i felt too! and i almost felt like i had not right been there or feel bad and angry and lost, cause i wasnt family but just a friend. I needed someone i once trusted with my life and say i need to talk i need your help. but it was just a familiar long gone feeling. when the doctors came out and told us his injuries where very bad and it may be a chance that he would not make it through the night i was lost too and confuse. People in the hospital couldn’t believe this happened in a bicycle they thought it was a motorcycle accident. He was in and out and it was a horrible site to see, a good friend almost gone in a second a young guy at the middle of his life waiting for a miracle to happened. They clean him up a bit put ivy on him and as the night when by they took him upstairs CPU section to be admitted. Once upstairs he was on medication and been monitored.

The rest of vasils family came to the hospital later on that night as the already moved him to CPU section upstairs, all we could do was pray and wait for a miracle. We all stood there for hours his sister Julie came his cousins, uncle and Aunt as well as Amanda Greer a good friend of Vasil’s. You could feel the tension in that room. we all tryd to get some what comfortable and waited till he could come throught, at about 2 or 3 am i when to the cpu waiting room and close my eyes, all i could see is Vasil face bleeding.

so we waited for day 3

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