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ny thrill seekers ride the challenge day 3

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Sunday may 27th day 3, Vasil woke up and he was talking, at about 630 am, he was able to recognize people and have small conversation, still had his sense of humor with him. On meds for the pain but he knew what happened to him. I thought about all night whether I should finish the bike tour or not. I called someone the night of the accident and her first words were YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH IT RIGHT? So while waiting to find out news about vasil, I couldn’t decide, and every time I closed my eyes I could see my friends face when I first found him on the floor. So when I hear he woke up it was an answer to me, just make sure he was ok and finish what we set out to do. I told his sister Julie I will continued the bike tour, she said it was ok. So I called my son Edwin to come and follow me while I did this ride, and let’s make it like a road trip, Edwin took a while he when out and got one of his friends to come with him in one of our famous road trips!!! To finish this bike tour I wanted to have a little more control and stick to a plan because too many things already have gone wrong and we almost lost a life for it. So Edwin got back to me and got his friend tj to come with him. They picked me up at the hospital, we were pretty much off track, so we got pizza hut and made a plan with them. Get a hotel for the night and I will reset a new road route, pack different and meet them every 20 miles at a certain point, follow google maps for bike, and ride about 60 to 80 miles per day if I can. Also my self and vasil are grown man and we know the good and bad about extreme sports and we love what we do and if we could do this until we die I know we will. We are doing this bike tour for a few reasons

  1. to set our personal challenge to the next level
  2. To raise money and awareness for non-profit organization and help our communities this particular event is YAI
  3. To establish the long bike tour on the east coast
  4. And to show that anything can be done with dedication and motivation

Vasil will be out of commission from doing extreme sports for a little while but the best things about myself and vasil is that we are not just the guys who do the events but also the business minds behind every event we do.

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