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ny thrill seekers ride the challenge day 5

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Day 5 Tuesday may 28th, I got up at 5am, once again I’m writing on my blog and getting ready for my ride I will be out early this morning. Today we got in Poland Ohio, it has been a long day and pretty hard, the road was really bad and the traffic was difficult to drive in. the drives are almost pushing me out off the road, the side road is bad, full of pot holes and cracks, and the sidewalks are worse, some of the cars are actually cutting me off after the pass me.

After riding for about 5 to 8 miles I got a flat on my front tire again, by now I’m was just frustrated with so much hard work and the road conditions, I pulled to the side looked for the flat and couldn’t find me, then Edwin and TJ found me on this parking lot. We took the tube off and pour some water on the tube to see the bubbles from the tube but we couldn’t find anything, the sun was pounding on our heads. Then I had this pump that I had no idea how to work because once again I ran into the same problem of day one, in which we had an American built pump for a European air gage.

At this point I just wanted to put the bike on the truck pack up and go home, and just say screwed it, is not worth it. But Edwin and TJ were helping me out so much and not giving up on me and my son was like keep going dad, so I just got up and looked for a bike shop near us. At first the gps send us to a empty lot, I guess a bike shop was there at one time or another, then I did another search on my phone for bike shop near me, and found another pone, it was about 10 miles back, pretty much the same place when we started from this section of the ride.

Before going into the place I took the tube off the front tire and replace it with a new one to save time and money, inside the store I told this kid what my problem was and he sold me an extension for the air gage for about $1.50 in which it will convert the air gage!!! Man if I would’ve had that a while back things would’ve been simpler! Lol It took him about 2 minutes to put the air back and have my tire ready, and we finally found an auto shop to get extra oil for the truck. For some reason or another after we got the tire fixed things seem to turned around, I was so shook up from what happened to vasil that it took me 2 days to actually get my head in the game.

I rode for a while then we got caught on this hurricane type of rain while riding, the winds were so bad that I almost tips over the bike several times, it started to hail, Edwin and tj had to come back to get me, but it took them about 15 minutes cause they couldn’t drive on that rain or see 2 feet away from them. I was soak it was great, I actually enjoyed. After it cleared up We found a hotel to stay overnight, the hotel was great we got junk food and wings.

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