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You must collect ONLY 12 items from this list, for rules and details go to nythrillseekers.com or facebook.com/nythrillseekers

  1. Pic of you and town mayor or political figure, holding the banner or t-shirt on.
  2. Picture of you and bus driver in public bus with banner. Extra points if he holds the banner with passengers too.
  3. Picture of subway train driver and you with banner. Extra points if they hold the banner with passengers.
  4. 10 people in library and you holding the banner. Extra points if you get the curator to hold the banner, while making the “shhhhh” sign. (Index finger over mouth).
  5. Pic of any actor, public figure holding the banner NYThrillSeekers.com sign, banner or t shirt you made.
  6. You stand with no shirt in front of the financial district bull as the banner on his horns. (Ladies bathing suit top)
  7. Pict of you sitting on top of financial district bull with banner overhead. (downtown NYC) Extra point if you get tourist or cop to hold Red cloth in front of the financial district bull. DON’T FALL! lol
  8. You in front of any historical monument with the banner. Extra points if you have 3 strangers with you holding the sign.
  9. You with banner in front of a police station. Extra points if 2 police officers hold banner. Lol
  10. 3 people or a team dressed up as Buddha monks with banners in time square holding banner, while chanting. (I love this one lol)
  11. You with banner in front of a fire truck and fire men (people) next to you. Extra point if you are the fire truck with fire men holding the banner.
  12. Wetting someone’s garden as owner holds banner.
  13. Stand up in middle of crowded, fancy restaurant displaying banner do a 360 slow and sit right back. Must be video
  14. Displaying banner over your head while waiting on line for a popular movie, night time would be best. Extra point if you get people on line to hold sign for you.
  15. Go to busy intersection and start, Crowning stranger’s queen or king of the day while they are holding sign. Video would be best, pic will be fine.
  16. Displaying banner as you get your haircut, nails done. Extra point if you get staff to hold sign while you are sitting on the chair.
  17. Have any military personal hold the banner. Extra points if they wear the t-shirt
  18. Team caring a person to a sacrificial alters and banner displayed. DO NOT SACRIFICE ANYONE!!! lol
  19. Dance party of 3 or more on a red light with banner, extra points if stranger holds the banner.
  20. Do a Chinese fire drill on a busy intersection showing sign or banner, (must have nythrillseekers.com written on back window)it must be video
  21. Garbage guys holding the banner from one stop to another. Video
  22. Join the Occupy Wall Street rally, while holding a sign for nythrillseekers.com extra point if you have a group of them holds the sign with you.

Send all pictures to scavenge@optimum.net or post them onhttp://facebook.com/nythrillseekers page.

All video must be posted on our http://facebook.com/nythrillseekers page; they could be from your page to ours or YouTube.com share to ours. (This will give us time stamp.)

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