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You must collect ONLY 12 items from this list, for rules and details go to nythrillseekers.com or facebook.com/nythrillseekers

  1. Local rock climbing center with you climbing while displaying the banner.
  2. Swim suit walk, with nythrillsekers.com written on the butt or on the back, Walk 5 blocks in Manhattan. 7 blocks other borrows. Extra points for walking the Brooklyn Bridge.
  3. Bake letter cookies that spells nythrillseekers.com Extra points have it eaten by your coworkers.
  4. 5 people in the middle of the sports arena with banners. Extra points if get enough to write nythrillseekers.com in letters on their chest.
  5. Get a group of strangers to walk with banners spelling nythrillseekers.com in central park. While yodeling a song. Must be video
  6. Tooth tied to the back of car with driver holding banner while having an evil smile. Extra points tied to the taxi cab.
  7. Sweating guy or girl in the park hugging you as you displays the banner.
  8. 2 people walking a skeleton with banner. Extra points if somewhere public.
  9. Pic of you in the for the body museum exhibition holding banner.
  10. Pic in the MOMA (museum of modern arts) or Met, or local gallery next to a famous painting holding the sign.
  11. Get piggy-back ride from tourist on a crowded street while holding the sign. Must be video.
  12. Spell NY Thrill Seekers any location in the city, on the bridge any city park with human bodies (alive of course, lol).
  13. Take a picture of a cool car. With banner with NY Thrill Seekers spelled on the hood.
  14. Hug a stop sign on a busy street (with banner or t-shirt with NY Thrill seekers written hanging off the sign)
  15. Pretend to drive an invisible car (with 4 passengers on the street while the light is red, passengers have to make horrified look as if you about to get into collision) must be video.
  16. Build a human pyramid any crowed city park.
  17. Have a stranger or tourist do jumping jacks with you, while holding NY Thrill Seekers sign.
  18. Go to Wal-Mart or any crowed supermarket and have 2 people stand on their hands while person in middle holds NY Thrill Seekers sign, t-shirt.
  19. Get 5 employees from Wal-Mart, or supermarket like that sign your belly, chest or any other area of your body with NY Thrill Seekers written on you. (Take pic of each employee signing and then pic of all signatures.
  20. Get 20 signatures from stranger for a petition, you make up the purpose of petition, take picture of all people signing the petition while wearing ny thrill seekers shirt, banner or sign. Petition must be funny and related to NY thrill seekers, be creative.
  21. Run with 5-10 of your friends through Time square in shorts and cape with NY Thrill Seekers written on body of each person.

Send all pictures to scavenge@optimum.net or post them on http://facebook.com/nythrillseekers page.

All video must be posted on our http://facebook.com/nythrillseekerspage; they could be from your page to ours or YouTube.com share to ours. (This will give us time stamp.)

No pics or videos will be release until all content have been approved.

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