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Outdoor Adventures for Thrill Seekers

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Those dare devils and thrill seekers will go to any extent to satisfy their need for the ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush. These enthusiasts a.k.a as thrill seekers have come up with unique outdoors activities such as kite surfing and bungee jumping, which are number one on the list.

Here are some outdoor activities for thrill seekers.

  • Kite surfing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Wild Roller coaster rides
  • Free fall -sky diving
  • Scuba diving
  • Quad biking
  • Swimming with sharks
  • Extreme skiing
  • Gliding
  • Ice climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Hand gliding

Kite surfing is one of the fast and popular thrill sports in the world. This involves a bit kite and you navigate it which every direction the wind is blowing.

Bungee jumping is a very popular thrill seeking activity in Australian and New Zealand. Thrill seekers have pushed this sports to its limit by looking for higher platforms. The Kawarau suspension bridge is a famous bungee jumping spot. If this is not enough see those thrill seekers jumping off the Sky tower some 630 feet.

Wild roller coaster rides will have you screaming without actually getting on to it. Imagine how you will feel if you are really on it. This is piece of cake for thrill seekers, who like their roller coaster rides to be faster and higher with maximum plunges. Wild thin in Valley fair is one of those roller coaster rides it has “S” curves, 360º spiral, 200-foot drop.
Imagine jumping off an airplane at 15,000 feet for a 50 second free fall. You might have to pinch yourself by just thinking about it. Those crazy thrill seekers have no regrets as they have a perfect landing.

Scuba diving is a great way to check out those ship-wreaks and rare coral and rock formations. This is a thrilling adventure for those who love to discover and explore under sea wonders.

What better place to quad bike than in Africa. Thrill seekers love quad biking through the many terrain such as dirt, gravel or through the desert sand. Quad bikes can be driven through valleys, forests, streams and mountains.

Swimming with sharks is a blood curling experience yet there are those who risk their lives in this. The most famous places that you can swim with sharks are the Fiji islands. Never watch jaws if you want to try this.

Some of the most extreme outdoor activities that thrill seekers have invented and tried are:

  • Driving a motor car on a frozen lake
  • Drive a car on two wheels
  • Drive a industrial machine
  • Walk on the wings of a flying plane
  • Drive a vehicle you don’t know how to
  • Drag race in heavy traffic
  • Cross a busy street
  • Roller skate or roller blade down a very steep road
  • Ride a riptide
  • Submarine ride to deep seas
  • Walk a tight rope between two high building
  • Crawl up a very high building ( like spider man)
  • Swim in the Nile river
  • Swim in the Arctic
  • Climb a glacier

Never try these at home or if your sure of what your doing or of sound mind. Theses activities are for those dare devils.

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