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High Rock ChallengeI finished the “#High Rock Challenge” 7 miles in 1.37 minutes, thanks to my race partner Nicki. You know, The funny part about Staten island and anyone from Staten Island will verify on this( well a real islander), is that everyone knows each other or they know someone who knows you. Soooo if you are a jerk, people will know it. It turns out that I couldn’t get a partner for the race but I decided to do it anyway, and when i got there, Nicki was looking to run The race but she didn’t have a partner either! so we teamed up, while warming up for the race she told me about her dad, it turns out her dad is mike from @Staten island Kawasaki a friend of my and a great guy. Small world … right!, well, we got first place for our race. Thanks Nicki.

About the High Rock Challenge

Teams consisting of two  must run together at all times and compete in mystery events, which are located throughout the approximately 10-K (and no longer than 13-K) course. Mystery events are cleverly designed and encourage teamwork as well as mental and physical acumen.  Events are not revealed until race day when you’re on the course.

The High Rock Challenge remains Staten Island’s only adventure race; it attracts athletes of all stripes who turn out each April to test their physical and mental abilities, senses of humor and trail-running legs. The race course is almost entirely along the Greenbelt’s rugged trail system.  Navigating your way, by following course markers, is considered part of the challenge.

Hundreds of spectators, volunteers and support staff cheer  runners at central points along the route and at the finish line making this event popular with sponsors. All Greenbelt and NYARA races are professionally timed culminating in an awards ceremony. Refreshments and wicking tee shirts are provided for runners.


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