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Paintball Guns Review

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Empire Trracer Review
The original Trracer was one of the workhorses that kickstarted the paintball industry as it was one of the most common rental and consumer pumps until the start of the semi-automatic era. Empire’s re-invisioning of the Trracer brings to mind the durability of the original but has some modern design themes to introduce the modern generation of…

CCI Phantom
The Phantom is the classic on which all other pump paintball guns are compared. It is a simple, compact, reliable pump paintball gun that is suitable for any player with any level of skill.

Review of Invert Mini
The Invert Mini packs lots of performance in a tiny package. It is a high-end gun with a mid-range price tag and works great in the woods or on the speedball course.

Piranha GTI
The Piranha GTI is a simple, blowback paintball gun that will make a reliable first gun for any aspiring paintball player.

Smart Parts Vibe
The Smart Parts Vibe is a basic electropneumatic paintball gun that looks good and also performs solidly. It can’t quite compete with more expensive electros, but it shines in its price range.

US Army Alhpa Black Tactical
The US Army Alpha Black Tactical is a pre-upgraded version of the Alpha black that will appeal to the scenario or MilSim player. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of performance upgrades, it is cosmetically and ergonomically superior to its little brother.

US Army Alhpa Black
The US Army Alpha Black is a durable yet inexpensive gun that is perfectly suited for the beginning player or anyone who prizes durability and simplicity over lightness and speed.

Smart Parts SP-1
The Smart Parts SP-1 is a solid, entry-level, electropneumatic paintball gun designed for woodsball players. It’s not as nice as more expensive electros, but it shines in its price range.

Planet Eclipse Ego
The Planet Eclipse Ego is a high-end paintball gun that should satisfy any tournament player. It is extremely efficient, accurate and consistent, but that performance comes at a high sticker price.

Spyder Xtra
The Spyder Xtra is Kingman’s nicest semi-auto, mechanical gun. It’s very similar to the Spyder Sonix but comes with an expansion chamber and drop forward, making it a good option for the beginner.

Spyder Sonix
The Spyder Sonix is one step up from Kingman’s most basic paintball gun and is a good looking choice for the beginner player. Whether the upgrades that improve on the base Spyder model are worth the extra cost is entirely a question of preference.

Spyder Victor
The new Spyder Victor is Kingman’s update of its most-basic paintball gun and it holds its own compared to similar guns. It is not particularly accurate, fast or consistent, but the Victor is attractive, cheap, easy to use, very upgradable and thus makes a great first gun for the beginner player.

Spyder Pilot
Kingman’s Sypder Pilot ACS is an electro-mechanical, blowback paintball gun that is ideal for the player who wants the speed of an electronic gun matched with the simplicity and ease of use of a mechanical gun.

Smart Parts Ion
The Smart Parts Ion is a low-cost electropneumatic paintball gun designed for the player who wants a tournament-level paintball gun at a basement price. While you won’t mistake it for a top of the line gun, it is a good performer and can compete in the same ballpark as any gun on the market.

Dangerous Power Fusion
The Dangerous Power Fusion is a tournament grade paintball gun that can easily compete with the best guns out there. While it is slightly heavier and has fewer firing modes than other high-end guns, it also only costs a fraction of the price.

Smart Parts SP-8
The Smart Parts SP-8 is not the fastest or lightest gun around, but it’s upgradeable, durable and well-designed for the woodsball or scenario player who wants to delve into the world of electronic paintball guns.

Angel 1
The Angel 1 comes with a high-end price but also packs high-end performance. For your playing style it may or may not be the best paintball gun, but it definitely can compete with any gun out there.

Tippmann Model 98 Custom
The Tippmann Model 98 Custom is an update of the legendary Model 98 that is more easily upgraded but still retains the original’s durability and reliability. The Model 98 Custom is a good choice for beginners who are interested in heavily customizing their own paintball gun or for players who want a decent gun that will last for years to come.

Stryker STR-1
The Stryker STR-1 is a basic semi-automatic paintball gun that is better looking than similarly priced guns but only has average performance. It doesn’t really shine in any area or have any major defects but it is quite inexpensive. If you are getting ready to purchase your first gun it’s not a bad choice since it comes with all the accessories you need to play.

Tippmann A-5
The A-5 is one of the most reliable mechanical markers on the market today. While it is not as light or as fast as many more expensive electro-pneumatic guns, its dependability, upgradeability, durability and lower price make it a favorite among many paintball enthusiasts.

Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun Review
The Azodin Kaos is my favorite paintball gun under $100 and is great for a beginner to intermediate player.

Tippmann Gryphon Review
The Tippmann Gryphon is an entry-level paintball gun designed for the beginner player. It is a decent gun for the price and should definitely be considered for any new player.

Tippmann Gryphon PowerPack Review
A decent package that comes with everything you need to start playing paintball for less than $100.

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