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Pistol / Rifle Shooting

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Hello guys! So this is the place we are using for this event…

Sunset Hill Shooting Range


These guys offer huge verity of firearms; you can also bring your own gun and just use the range. But if you ever wanted to text yourself with a sniper rifle, how about the AK-47 or maybe Magnum Revolvers, or to test your grip with Desert eagle. Everything is here and we can spend few hours playing with all the cool toys!

Few Details:

Dress for weather. No particular dress code is required.

Make sure you have your ID with you. Be it driver license, state ID, passport or anything that legally proves who you are and your age.

Safety is as outmost importance. You will all be asked to sign a waiver at the gun range before shooting. Everyone will have to wear safety goggles and ear plugs. Everyone will be individually shown how to use each firearm by professional Instructors.

Driving and Carpooling.

Here are the directions for those who will be driving on their own.

Be at the range around 3pm

Sunset hill shooting range

For Carpool.

Carpool Fee–$25

We will be meeting at 12:30-1pm

Carpool pick up location: Battery Park

1 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004


If have any questions about this event please post a comment or call or text me


I will have 2 GoPro cams, and one Nikon camera. Lots of pictures will be taken and all will be available and later posted on Facebook. I will try to mount a cam next to a sniper rifle target as we be shooting!

Price: For around $90 you be able to pretty much try every gun. All payments will be made at the Shooting Range.

NRA Gun Safety

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