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Planet Eclipse Ego

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The Planet Eclipse Ego is a high-end paintball gun that should satisfy any tournament player. It is extremely efficient, accurate and consistent, but that performance comes at a high sticker price. If it weren’t so expensive, it might qualify for a 5-star rating.

Well-balanced design
Great efficiency (shots per tank)

Only one included barrel back
Slightly louder than other guns

High-end electropneumatic paintball gun
Requires compressed air
Requires one 9-volt battery
Manufacturer’s Website
Guide Review – Planet Eclipse Ego
Note on High-End Guns:
Please read my article on the performance of all high-end paintball guns.

Planet Eclipse has built the Ego on the basic idea of the hammer/poppet paintball gun and then maximized performance, style, comfort and weight. The electropneumatic design operates at around 200psi and comes stock with break beam eyes and multiple firing modes. The external appearance is very sleek and natural and its extensive milling makes it one of the lightest paintball guns available. The Ego comes with a slightly off-set, clamping feedneck and a very well designed on/off on the ASA.

When it comes to performance, Planet Eclipse did a marvelous job with the Ego. It is extremely light and fast but still is very comfortable to hold and handle. Its consistency is phenomenal and it shoots with hardly any kick at all. The Ego gets great efficiency and will get more shots per tank than almost any other gun. Changing firing modes is very easy with the rear-grip LCD and tuning the gun is a snap. Out of the box it is ready to perform at a tournament level.

Upgrades and Maintenance
The Ego comes with a quick-release bolt and it is very easy to clean out the chamber in case of a break. Taking the whole gun apart requires more time but is not a difficult process.
There are a number of upgrades available for the Ego including circuit boards, feed necks, triggers and bolts. None of these upgrades are truly necessary but if you are interested in customizing, they are available.

Reviewer’s note:This is based on my use of the 2007 Ego but is accurate also for the 2008 model.


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