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Ride The Challenge From NYC to Chicago. day before the ride…

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Good morning everyone, ok, sooo…. today is Thursdays may 24th 2012 the day before the “Ride The Challenge From NYC to Chicago” I’m a little nervous and very excited about this event. This morning I got up at 5:00 took a shower and when for a small ride on my truck to relax a bit… lol. today is my day off, im not traing on the bike and to realx i will hit the gym tonite and do chest and bis. the gym is one of the few things that helps me relax. the other is spending time with my family…

I keep trying to calculate on how to break this ride into sections but you know this is something you learn as we do the ride. The first day we will try to stay conservative and do 65 to 70 miles and stop at 35 miles for a break and to reload water sports drinks and bars.

The plan was originally for vasil to lead the way and do a record breaking time of 2 to 3 days and I will ride with the rest of the people and make it within 7 to 8 days time.

I think Vasil is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to do, and that’s how NY Thrill Seekers have become so successful in this last 2 years, is by accomplish everything we set our goals to do, at the same time it is astounding to see other people’s faces once they finish doing something they never thought they could do.

I’m trying to convince vasil to ride with us, as a group and do the record breaking time in October for the “Ride the Challenge” fall Bike tour, this way he could have more time to training with less injuries and optimize his performance. After speaking with Christian, he said as a group we ride faster and in case of any trouble we have all of us together. I also believe in that very strongly, after been in the military on and off for years I think a good team could achieve so much at the same time we will be able to enjoy the ride as a road trip. After all it is about having fun too.

Ok, tonight I have to pick up a few things, the bike rack from Wal-Mart, and energy bars, and any small items I that we may need.


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