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Ride the challenge Route from NY to Chicago

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Below is the route we will be taken for the Ride the Challenge north eastern bike tour.

Start Point: Head northeast toward Morningside Ave NYC

0.15mi Turn left onto Morningside Ave

0.23mi Turn left onto Hancock Pl

0.28mi Continue onto W 125th St/​Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd/​Martin Luther King Blvd

Continue to follow W 125th St

0.63mi Turn right onto Broadway

2.17mi Turn left onto Fort Washington Ave

3.1mi Turn left onto W 177th St

3.2mi Turn right onto Cabrini Blvd

3.25mi Turn left onto New York State Bicycle Route 9

4.54mi Turn right to stay on New York State Bicycle Route 9

4.55mi Turn left onto Hudson Terrace

4.62mi Turn right onto Bruce Reynolds Blvd

5.14mi Turn left onto Linwood Ave

5.34mi Turn right onto Main St

5.82mi Continue onto Fort Lee Rd

6.96mi Continue straight onto Degraw Ave

8.36mi Continue onto E Main St

9.24mi Continue onto Salem St Exd

9.3mi Slight left onto Midtown Bridge St/​Midtown Bridge Approac

9.52mi Turn left onto River St

9.58mi Turn right onto E Mercer St

9.77mi Turn left onto State St

9.87mi Turn right onto Lawrence St

10.09mi Turn right onto Railroad Ave

10.12mi Turn left onto Beech St

10.8mi Turn left onto Berkshire Pl

10.98mi Turn right onto Arcadia Rd

11.09mi Turn right onto Essex St

12.04mi Turn left onto Main St

12.46mi Turn right onto Outwater Ln

14.86mi Turn right onto Randolph Ave

15.28mi Turn left onto Hamilton Ave

15.73mi Turn right onto Lakeview Ave/​Passaic County 624 I

15.77mi Turn left onto Piaget Ave

16.77mi Continue onto US-46 E

19.46mi Sharp left onto Rustic Ridge Rd

19.5mi Turn right onto Notch Rd

19.81mi Continue onto Long Hill Rd/​Passaic County 631

Continue to follow Passaic County 631

22.51mi Continue onto Main St

22.53mi Turn right onto Fairfield Rd

22.67mi Continue onto Little Falls Rd

23.96mi Continue onto Essex County 615

23.99mi Continue onto Fairfield Rd

25.9mi Continue onto Essex County 615

26.05mi Continue onto US-46 E

  • 35.37mi Turn right toward US-46 W  FIRST STOP,  BREAK TIME

35.38mi Turn left onto US-46 W

39.35mi Turn left onto Sammis Ave

39.6mi Turn right onto E Blackwell St

41.59mi Continue onto US-46 W

45.49mi Turn right onto US-46 E

45.65mi Turn left onto Ledgewood Rd/​Mt Arlinton Rd

45.72mi Turn right onto Main St

45.82mi Turn left onto Emans Rd/​Emmans Rd

Continue to follow Emmans Rd

45.9mi Slight right onto Mountain Rd

47.2mi Turn left onto Conkling Rd

47.65mi Continue straight onto Mooney Rd

48.42mi Continue onto Drakesdale Rd

49.11mi Continue onto Flanders Rd

50.77mi Turn left onto Mt Olive Rd

50.87mi Continue onto Tulip Ave

51.18mi Turn right onto Timberline Dr/​Woodland Dr

51.35mi Turn left onto US-46 W

54.93mi Turn right onto Drakestown Rd

55.65mi Continue onto East Ave

55.67mi Turn right onto Drakestown Rd

55.99mi Continue onto US-46 W

59.16mi Turn left onto Johnson Rd

60.14mi Turn right onto Barkers Mill Rd

60.68mi Turn left onto Cemetery Rd

60.79mi Turn left onto Townsbury Rd

62.94mi Turn right onto Janes Chapel Rd/​Pequest Rd

63mi Sharp left onto Pequest Wildlife Management Area Trail

65.94mi Turn right onto Pequest Furnace Rd

65.98mi Turn left onto US-46 W

70.16mi Turn left onto Co Rd 620

71.92mi Continue onto Water St

72.25mi Continue onto State Route 1004

73.51mi Turn right onto Kaylor Rd

74.5mi Turn right onto Richmond Rd/​State Route 1017

  • 76.14mi Turn left onto Ott Dr

76.63mi Turn left onto PA-611 S/​N Delaware Dr

76.69mi Turn right onto Hester Rd

77.76mi Continue onto Jacktown Rd

77.81mi Turn left onto Heinsohn Hill Rd

79.11mi Turn right onto Mt Pleasant Rd

79.41mi Turn left to stay on Mt Pleasant Rd

80.17mi Continue onto Lower South Main St

80.22mi Turn left onto Flicksville Rd

80.92mi Continue onto PA-191 S/​Washington Blvd

81.27mi Turn right onto Mill Rd

82.66mi Turn right onto Pen Argyl Rd

83.08mi Slight left onto Grand Central Rd

84.52mi Slight right onto Mack Rd

84.98mi Continue onto Alpha Rd

85.77mi Turn right onto N Broadway/​State Route 115

Continue to follow State Route 115

86.27mi Continue onto Wilkes Barre Turnpike

89.2mi Continue onto Hamilton Rd

89.32mi Continue onto Wilkes Barre Turnpike

90.1mi Continue onto Easton Wilkes Barre Turnpike

90.55mi Continue onto Wilkes Barre Turnpike

92.29mi Turn left onto US-209 S

94.43mi Continue onto PA-115 N

97.36mi Slight left onto Merwinsburg Rd

99.27mi Continue onto State Route 3007

99.46mi Turn left onto Jonas Rd

101.98mi Turn right onto PA-534 W

118.19mi Slight left onto T360/​Tannery Rd

118.21mi Turn left to stay on T360/​Tannery Rd

Continue to follow Tannery Rd

119.4mi Continue onto Anthony’s Rd

120.16mi Turn left onto Spring Valley Rd

120.22mi Continue onto Sandy Run Rd/​State Route 2044

Continue to follow Sandy Run Rd

125.21mi Turn left onto PA-940 W

126.19mi Continue onto South St

126.6mi Continue onto Butler Dr/​State Route 653

Continue to follow Butler Dr

131.43mi Turn right onto Mill Mountain Rd

132.49mi Turn left onto State Route 3040/​St Johns Rd

132.65mi Turn right to stay on State Route 3040/​St Johns Rd

Continue to follow St Johns Rd

136.44mi Turn right onto PA-93 N/​Berwick Hazleton Hwy

136.72mi Turn left onto Old Berwick Rd/​T-382

138.24mi Slight left onto PA-93 N/​Berwick Hazleton Hwy

Continue to follow PA-93 N

145.78mi Turn left onto US-11 S/​W Front St

Continue to follow US-11 S

157.63mi Turn right onto East St

158mi Turn left onto E Main St

159.2mi Turn right onto S R 4003/​Red Mill Rd

160.14mi Slight left onto Frosty Valley Rd/​State Route 4003

Continue to follow Frosty Valley Rd

166.04mi Turn left onto Columbia Hill Rd

168.05mi Continue onto PA-642 W/​Jerseytown Rd

168.12mi Slight right onto PA-642 W

168.16mi Turn right onto PA-54 W/​PA-642 W/​Continental Blvd

168.49mi Turn left onto PA-642 W/​Liberty Valley Rd

171.94mi Slight left onto Mooresburg Rd

174.01mi Slight right to stay on Mooresburg Rd

174.27mi Slight left onto PA-45 W/​Purple Heart Hwy

Continue to follow PA-45 W

232.71mi Slight left onto Earlystown Rd

233.53mi Turn right onto US-322 BUS W/​Boal Ave

Continue to follow US-322 BUS W

241.25mi Turn left onto Valley Vista Dr

241.53mi Turn right onto Carnegie Dr

241.77mi Turn left onto Ghaner Dr

241.96mi Turn left onto Ghaner Rd

242.63mi Turn left onto Grays Woods Blvd

243.47mi Turn right onto Meeks Ln

244.37mi Turn left to stay on Meeks Ln

245.32mi Turn left onto Buffalo Run Rd

246.16mi Continue onto Halfmoon Valley Rd

249.95mi Slight right onto Beckwith Rd/​State Route 3017

250.74mi Turn right to stay on Beckwith Rd/​State Route 3017

Continue to follow Beckwith Rd

251.95mi Slight right onto S High St

253.49mi Continue onto Laurel Run Rd/​T313-3

253.75mi Turn left onto Oliver Run

255.06mi Turn left onto Oliver Run Creek

255.61mi Turn left onto E Mountain Rd/​T300-2

256.06mi Continue onto E Flat Rock Rd

256.31mi Slight right onto US-322 E/​Upper Flat Rock Rd

Continue to follow US-322 E

265.47mi Turn right onto PA-53 S/​US-322 W/​N 3rd St/​N Centre St

Continue to follow US-322 W

269.01mi Turn left onto Blue Ball Rd

269.09mi Turn right onto Church Hill Rd

269.35mi Turn right onto Old Erie Pike/​Pa 869

Continue to follow Old Erie Pike

275.03mi Turn left onto Old Erie Pike/​Sr2027

Continue to follow Old Erie Pike

275.42mi Slight left to stay on Old Erie Pike

282.23mi Turn left onto Clearfield to Grampian Trail

283.46mi Turn right onto Stadium Dr

283.46mi Continue onto Bloomington Ave

283.49mi Continue onto PA-879 W/​State St

284.46mi Slight right onto Bridgeport Rd

285.32mi Sharp right onto Greenville Pike

291.6mi Continue onto US-219 N/​Chestnut Grove Hwy

Continue to follow US-219 N

296.61mi Turn right onto US-219 N/​US-322 W/​Carson Hill Rd

Continue to follow US-219 N/​US-322 W

299.4mi Slight left onto US-219 S/​US-322 E/​Behringer Hwy/​Twenty-Eighth Division Hwy

Continue to follow US-322 E

307.74mi Turn left onto Yellow Brick Rd

307.83mi Continue onto Susquehanna Turnpike

307.88mi Continue onto Old Turnpike Rd/​T539/​Yellow Brick Rd

Continue to follow T539

309.51mi Slight left onto US-322 W

335.24mi Turn right onto 9th Ave

335.28mi Turn left onto Madison Rd

336.13mi Turn right onto US-322 W/​N 1st Ave

Continue to follow US-322 W

340.92mi Turn left onto PA-208 W/​Railroad Ave

Continue to follow PA-208 W

345.23mi Turn right onto PA-208 W/​Main St

Continue to follow PA-208 W

345.37mi Turn left onto PA-208 W/​W Railroad St

Continue to follow PA-208 W

352.58mi Turn left onto PA-208 W/​PA-38 S

356.45mi Turn left onto PA-38 S/​5th St

Continue to follow PA-38 S

356.63mi Turn right onto PA-208 W/​Emlenton Clintonville Rd

Continue to follow PA-208 W

368.94mi Turn right onto Georgetown Rd

370.08mi Turn left onto Melvin Rd

371.65mi Continue onto E Gilmore Rd

376.55mi Turn left onto E Gilmore Rd/​Township Rd 481

378.51mi Turn right onto Old School Rd/​Township Rd 834

379.12mi Turn left onto Scrubgrass Rd/​State Route 2014

Continue to follow State Route 2014

386.13mi Continue onto E Market St

386.59mi Turn left onto Pitt St/​Pittsburgh St

386.61mi Turn right onto S Diamond St

386.72mi Turn right onto S Erie St

386.74mi Turn left onto US-62 S/​W Market St

Continue to follow US-62 S

388.08mi Slight left onto Bestwick Rd/​State Route 3026

388.27mi Slight right onto Old Sharon Rd/​Township Rd 495

390.95mi Turn left onto US-62 S/​W Market St/​Sharon-Mercer Rd

Continue to follow US-62 S

397.72mi Continue onto E State St/​State Route 3008

Continue to follow E State St

402.25mi Continue onto Warren-Sharon Rd

411.49mi Continue onto E Market St

414.21mi Slight right toward E Market St

414.28mi Continue straight onto E Market St

417.7mi Turn right onto South St SW

417.71mi Continue onto W Market St

420.58mi Turn left onto S Leavitt Rd

420.71mi Turn right onto Burnett St

421.99mi Turn left onto OH-5 W/​OH-82 W

422.39mi Turn right onto OH-82 W

426.24mi Turn left onto OH-303 W

445.37mi Continue onto Streetsboro Rd

445.46mi Slight right onto Cleveland East Liverpool Rd

445.86mi Turn left onto OH-303 W/​Streetsboro Rd

Continue to follow OH-303 W

481.35mi Turn left onto OH-303 W/​OH-83 S/​Avon Belden Rd/​Wooster-Avon Lake Rd

481.4mi Turn right onto OH-303 W/​Lagrange Belden Rd/​Lagrange-Richfield Rd

Continue to follow OH-303 W

790.09mi Head north on Western Ave toward 139th Pl

790.18mi Turn left onto W 139th St

791.18mi Turn right onto S Kedzie Ave

791.69mi Turn left onto W 135th St

793.14mi Slight right onto W Cal Sag Rd

796.26mi Continue onto W College Dr/​N Rte 83 N

798.14mi Turn left onto Old Oak Trail

798.18mi Turn left onto S Country Squire Rd

798.21mi Head west on S Country Squire Rd toward Old Oak Trail

798.24mi Turn right onto Old Oak Trail

798.28mi Turn left onto 119th St/​W College Dr/​N Rte 83 N

798.42mi Turn right toward IL-7 N

798.44mi Turn right onto IL-7 N

800.4mi Slight right onto IL-7 N/​SW Hwy

Continue to follow SW Hwy

801.65mi Turn left onto Ridgeland Ave

803.33mi Continue onto State Rd

804.82mi Slight left to stay on State Rd

806mi Turn left onto S Cicero Ave

807.72mi Turn right onto W 59th St

808.21mi Turn left onto 4400 W/​S Kostner Ave

809.21mi Turn right onto S Archer Ave

814.4mi Slight left to stay on S Archer Ave

815.97mi Turn left onto S State St

816.06mi Turn right onto E 18th St

816.23mi Turn left onto S Michigan Ave

816.87mi Slight right to stay on S Michigan Ave

817.02mi Turn right at E 11th St

817.17mi Turn left

817.2mi Turn left

817.44mi Turn right

817.46mi Turn left

817.51mi Turn right

817.53mi Turn left

817.54mi Turn right

817.59mi Turn left

817.6mi Turn right


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