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Safety First

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To ensure a consistently safe experience for everyone, it is vitally important that all Ride participants be vigilant and deliberately conscious of their surroundings and some of the possible perils that can threaten the safety of each individual as well as the event itself. Safety starts with each of us taking personal responsibility for not only our own behavior on the roa,d but watching out for our fellow Cyclists’ safety as well.

Smart cycling is about all about your safety and the safety of your fellow riders. We want you to learn how to ride with over 2000 people just as well as you would with only one other person.

Safety is our number one priority on LifeCycle. The success of this event depends on each and every one of us behaving responsibly and taking care of ourselves and one another.

Your goal for an endurance event like LifeCycle is to train on a regular basis, increasing intensity slowly. Focus on gaining strength and endurance, pace yourself and listen to your body.

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