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Spyder Xtra

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The Spyder Xtra is Kingman’s nicest semi-auto, mechanical gun. It’s very similar to the Spyder Sonix but comes with an expansion chamber and drop forward, making it a good option for the beginner.

Very upgradeable
Quick-release bolt
Expansion Chamber

Not particularly accurate or consistent
Has a tendency to chop cheap paint
All components are low-end

Entry-level blowback paintball gun
Commonly available from specialty stores and large retail outlets
Many upgrades are readily available
Can run on CO2 or compressed air
Manufacturer’s Site
Guide Review – Spyder Xtra

Kingman’s Spyder Xtra 2007 is the updated version of top gun in Kingman’s Classic Series which means it’s the most upgraded of their entry-level, mechanical paintball guns. It is a very simple blowback gun with just a few upgrades over the Spyder Victor or Spyder Sonix. It comes with a standard ASA, double trigger, sight rail and a vertical feed tube. Its upgrades over the Sonix include an expansion chamber and a small drop forward. It comes in several colors and the milling design is superb. It has a top-cocking, quick release, delrin bolt.

The Xtra is not designed to compete with high-end guns, but it’s performance isn’t too bad. It will fire as fast as you can shoot, but it’s got a long and somewhat stiff trigger pull, so don’t expect high rates of fire. It’s not particularly consistent though the expansion chamber is a great plus and helps it run much better with CO2. The Xtra does shoot fairly accurately as long as you use decent paintballs and you should be able to hit an opposing player at 40 feet (or even further) within a couple of shots. I think the addition of the expansion chamber warrants the higher cost compared to the Sonix.

Reliability and Maintenance
The Xtra is a very basic gun, so there really isn’t much that can go wrong and it should work for years if you don’t abuse it. All you need to regularly do is oil and clean your gun after use. If there is a leak, you probably just need to replace your O-rings. One nice feature is the quick-release bolt which makes cleaning the chamber a snap.

While the basic Xtra is nothing special, it does make an excellent beginner gun because it can be heavily upgraded. Whether you want to get a barrel kit, electronic trigger frame or upgraded bolt, the Xtra can support it.

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