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Thanks for participating in the NY thrill seekers and JDRF Scavenger Hunt event

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Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the NY thrill seekers and JDRF Scavenger Hunt event. We had an incredible turnaround this weekend with thousands of pictures for this event; we even got participants from other cities and states. The winner will be release on this Thursday or Friday; all content has to be reviewed and approved before declaring a winner.

I hope some of you can join us in our after party for this event at the end of April.
So now back to business again, we are currently preparing for our next 2 big events in which are: “The Ride, The Challenge, to Help the Disabled Children Relief Fund” on may 25th weekend, and “Raise the ROOF for American Cancer Society”, on June 22nd, and we need your support. We are looking for volunteers to help us promote, and organize some of our events. If you interested, please send us your resume or your background history at careers@nythrillseekers.com, it is fun, break away from the ordinary, help others, and you’ll get to see places and do things you never thought you would. But once again this is volunteer work.

We are always looking for new ideas, and sponsors to help us promote our events.
As you know NY Thrill Seekers direct, organize and promote our own Thrill seeking events to bring people together with common interest, and to promote awareness as well as raise funds for charitable organizations, such as American Heart Association, the JDRF (Juvenile research foundation), Breath Cancer .org, The Children’s miracle network, The American Cancer Society, American Red Cross as well as local nonprofit networks. Thanks to your help and support we are one of the fastest growing activity social organization in NY and the USA.

To get more information about “The Ride, The Challenge, and “Help Disabled Children Relief Fund” and “Raise the ROOF for American Cancer Society” events please got to facebook.com/nythrillseekers or ny thrillseekers.com
From our staff at NY Thrill Seekers

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