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Thrill seeker’s bucket list: 50 experiences to try before you die part4

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31. Play bossaball, worldwide



Amazing how much fun you can have with a ball and some bounce.

Bossaball combines sport, music and great fun. Mixing soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and capoeira, and played on a big bouncy trampoline-like surface, bossaball players try to ground the ball on the other side of the net.


It takes skill and athleticism, but most of all a childish sense of fun. Check out a video here.



32. Ride the world’s longest zip line, South Africa


longest zip  line

Travel 280 meters in less than 10 seconds. Worth it? Hell, yeah.

Become a human torpedo on the world’s longest and fastest zip line. At a height of 280 meters and two kilometers long, riders can hit 100 kilometers per hour. A great way to feel like a bird — a very nauseous bird.


The best part about this thrill activity is that it doesn’t require any skills. Just balls. 

www.zip2000.co.za; +27 (0) 14 557 1544/3382; from US$50


33. Go cheese rolling, United Kingdom


cheese rolling gloucestershire

Not so much rock, but a whole lotta roll.

It’s not smart, it’s not even that impressive. But it is fun. Among the more bizarre ‘thrills’ on this list is the now famous event held in Gloucestershire, England, involving normally bright, sensible people chasing a wheel of cheese down a very steep slope.


Bruised limbs and fractured bones are inevitable, as people try to catch the seven-pound wheel of Double Glousester before it gets to the bottom of the 200-meter hill.  The event takes place on the last Monday of May.


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34. Hang glide, United States


hang gliding in United States

Hang loose … but not too loose.

On any list of nerve-wracking experiences, “first hang glide” ranks somewhere between “first kiss” and “first drinking session.” In all three cases, you’ll hope for the best guide and best location.


One of the best spots for hang gliding is Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the Cumberland Plateau rises more than 900 meters above the lush Sequatchie Valley. 

Local pilot and hang glide specialist Trevor Childress makes a living giving others the thrill of their lives. Once you’ve landed safely back to earth, you might just want to kiss him. Or buy him a beer. It won’t be his first time.

www.goingonglide.com; +1 423 463 6389; US$150


35. Take part in a Rickshaw Run, India


rickshaw run, India

Three wheels, half a horsepower, three crazy adventurers.

Why get frustrated haggling with India’s rickshaw wallahs when you can ride one and see the country yourself? With these three-wheeled, half-a-horsepower contraptions, dozens of gallant travelers race from one end of India to the other three times a year.


Each edition is different from the last and is “the most stupid and probably the best thing you could possibly do with two weeks” according to The Adventurists website.

www.theadventurists.com; +91 0117 3290884; US$923


36. Go sea kayaking, Antarctica


antarctic kayaking

So cold, but so cool.

For many, making it all the way up to Antarctica is enough. But in order to cross it off this list, you’ll need to get into the water. The real challenge here will be managing to keep your socks dry or risk freezing to death. (Tip: just bring an extra pair)


Fly down to the southern tip of the world in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to take a boat to the Antarctic. We recommend Adventurers Corner as a discovery tour for “Real Explorers” instead of the brief touristy sea trips so you get the real thrill.

www.explorerscorner.com/antarctica; +1 877 677 9623; US$16,500 


37. Go dog-sled racing, United States


dog sledding alaska

First thing to learn? How to say “stop.”

Dog sledding may not sound exciting, but think about it — you’re on dog-powered transportation whistling past trees at speeds that humans weren’t really designed for. Choose a company that does small groups to ensure your independence on the sled.


Golovin Alaska offers some of the best dog mushing where you will witness the vast tundra, moose, wolves, eagles, and the Northern lights.

www.alaskaadventures.net/dog-mushing; +1 877 923 2419; US$2,500

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38. Dive the Great Barrier Reef, Australia


diving great barrier reef

Weird looking thing. But that fish is awesome.

If you’re a water baby, or a nature lover, and especially if you’re both, a diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s greatest natural constructions, will be like coming home.


Head to Hook Reef located on the east side of Southern Swain Reefs, 220 kilometers from Gladstone. With up to 50 meters of visibility you can see scorpion fish, parrot fish, fusiliers, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, starfish and octopus.

Learn to dive at www.prodivecairns.com/5daylearntodive.html

www.tourismwhitsundays.com.au; +61 1300 71 74 07; US$175


39. Do the Death Drop, Zambia

 death drop zambia

She’s either super cool and did this backwards, or she got pushed.

Feel four glorious seconds of terrified regret as you walk off a 53-meter high cliff and free fall at 180 kilometers an hour.

 You’ll just have time to catch the awesome view of Batoka Gorge before the terror of what you’re doing throws your stomach into your mouth and snaps your eyes shut.

www.thezambeziswing.com; +260 213 321188; US60

40. Swim in the Dead Sea, Israel

dead sea swimming

Dunking not allowed. Or even possible.

Well, you can try to swim. The Dead Sea is not a sea at all but a lake made up of 30 percent salt, which turns even the skinniest figures into bouyant blobs on the surface. It’s better to just sit there and enjoy it.

 This salty water is meant to be good for the skin and can help with respiration, but wear shoes — the salt crystals on the bottom are sharp enough to cut your feet. 


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