WOW. You guys really know how to bring it!
Yvonne, Astoria Queens NY

Your workout are insane Dave! I have seen more results in 60 days with you than a year with other trainers.

Bobby Jo, 27, Staten Island NY

Thanks to your training i was able to finish the spartan race in Tuxedo NY with out a problem, your the best.

Tanya, 34, Hoboken. NJ

I lost 20 pounds in 4 months and 3 inches on my waist, I have more endurance and stamina than when i was in my 20’s and i also look and feel better than my 20’s

Svetlana, 36, Brooklyn NY

Thanks again for yesterday white water rafting event. Dave I had a blast, if it wasnt for your training i would’ve never made that 6 hour trip, i feel great!!!

Rich, Staten Island

Your event was great! white water rafting was one of the most amazing things i have done. I can’t think of a better way to challenge my endurance. NY thrill Seekers is phenomenal. Thanks! I cant believe I did it!

Courtney and Johny, NYC

I ran the spartan race last week and now i’m training for the battle frog, my body is ready thanks to you.

Elena, 35, Long Beach NY

I’ve tried everything else, and your events were the best! skydiving with you guys during the summer! rocked!

Alex, 30, staten Island

Your events are outstanding!!!, my body still hurts from rock climbing but it was worth it.

Cheryl, 26, Lower East Side, NYC

I can now run faster in football and less injuries on my training, you were right eating right is half the battle

Chris, 37, Jersey City NJ

Thank Bro, I did great on my PT test, i passed it without any issues. you are a great trainer and you really know your sh*t.

SGT Forge, 35, San Diego California

Your staff was so nice. Best of all, your paintball event was the most fun I have had since college. I am glad I chose to come to your event. !!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

Paul, 25, Central Park South, NYC

I was kind of nervous when I signed up for your skydive event. But I am glad I mustered the courage and showed up. I met so many people that day!! and man i had fun.

Alex, 29, Astoria, NY

I never done rock climbing, i was so cool, cant wait to do paranormal investigation with you guys. also those pull ups really helped out.

Marie, 27, Staten Island, NY

The Paranormal event kick A**, thanks guys.

Marie, Freehold, NJ

I love rock climbing, thanks guys for helping me, your the best.

Liz, San Diego, CA

I can’t describe how I felt while hang gliding, other than WOW!, you guys are wild.

Jan, Miami Fl