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You must collect ONLY 12 items from this list, for rules and details go to nythrillseekers.com or facebook.com/nythrillseekers

  1. Swimsuits, shorts walk OR run over the Brooklyn Bridge with a nythrillseekers.com sign/banner (could be card board, material, it has to be readable big sign), stop in the middle of bridge snap a picture or video. Extra points for getting a random      stranger to pose with you and hold sign while you video it.
  2. Find naked cowboy and get him to wear t-shirt with nythrillseekers.com on it or nythrillseekers.com sign or banner.
  3. Picture taken of you and taxi cab driver holding your banner as you sit on the hood. Extra points if you stop the cab with passenger and get them to hold the banner.
  4. Walk around Staten Island ferry boat while holding nythrillseekers.com sign/banner in rush hour. Take couple of pictures from side to side or video
  5. Go to any bank with security guard and get them to hold banner with you. Must show the bank name and nythrillseekers.com sign or banner.
  6. Walk across the 4 corner of 42th  st. and Broadway with nythrillseekers.com sign/banner over your head, take pict extra point if you video it.
  7. Spell nythrillseekers.com at Columbus circle in cents.
  8. Get police officers and you standing in front of the cruiser or car without your shirt on with  Nythrillseekers.com written on your body. Extra points if you get them to  put handcuffs on.
  9. Go to a weeding and hold the sign, extra point id bride or groom hold the sign with you.
  10. Find officer on a horse and stand in front with banner. Extra points if you get him to hold the banner and Thrill Seeker written on your stomach or body.
  11. Business card of a cosmetics salesperson in Macys (other department store) holding in front as the salesperson hold the banner.
  12. You pumping someone else’s gas as he/she holds banner.
  13. Find someone with 4 children, kid’s holds the banner mother or father angry face!
  14. Take off shirt in subway and have nythrillseekers.com on you back and stomach. Extra points if on the bus.
  15. Go up or sown the escalator at Time Warner Building at Columbus cycle without t-shirt on holding the banner. Extra points if you get someone else to hold the banner.
  16. Stop at bridge toll go outside with ny thrill seekers banner or sign.
  17. Find news crew and hold the banner in front the cam. Extra points if you get the news reporter to hold the banner (does not have to be videotaped)
  18. Get 5 people at work to hold banner as you stand in the middle. Extra points (for male, 5 girls and females 5 guys)
  19. Get the bartender to display banner while you or him/her hold banner.(any bar, club must be crowded)
  20. Temporary tattoo (nythrillseekers.com) Extra points to have Thrill Seeker on your forehead and walk around crowded area. Take picture or video. lol
  21. After Broadway shows, Get a strangers to hold your the banner or put on t-shirt with nythrillseekers.com (extra points).

Send all pictures to scavenge@optimum.net or post them onhttp://facebook.com/nythrillseekers page.

All video must be posted on our http://facebook.com/nythrillseekers page; they could be from your page to ours or YouTube.com share to ours. (This will give us time stamp.)

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