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Spartan race PA 2013

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spartan race 2013Just did Spartan Race in Palmerton, PA 2013, with my kids and a few friends, and I was completely blown away. As you know this was not my first obstacle course race/mud-run by any means this year, it was actually my 5th. but it was the first time I’ve been legitimately challenged by one of these events, In another words it kicked my butt! lol it took me about 3 days to fully recovered, my calves were pumped for almost a week.

Myself, my daughter Julie my son Edwin and a TJ a thrill seekers at heart ran the 5 miles course, my daughter Emily who is 9 and Jake who is 5 ran the Jr. Spartan /varsity Spartan 1 mile race


  • 5 Miles adults
  • varsity Spartan 1 mile race Kids

The obstacles were ingenious creative, extreme challenging and the overall atmosphere was fantastic like always. I loved being surrounded by like-minded individuals who came out to have fun and be challenged simultaneously. The course was set on a open ski resource on the outskirts of Palmerton, PA. It seemed like the people who live around the area were really into the event and not just trying to make a quick buck, which really helps the overall experience of the event.


at the beginning of the race it was all uphill for about a mile, half way into the mountain we had the sand bags, and trust me as you look around you see people dropping left and right for a break or throwing up but yet not giving up. once you made it up the mountain you had to run down about a quarter of mile down hill with the sand bag, by the time you dropped that bad your legs felt light as a feather, but you knew the fun part just started, because the obstacles were just around the Conner

  • Spear throw
  • Wall climb
  • Object carry
  • Herculean Hoist
  • Tyrolean Traverse
  • Traversal Wall
  • Slippery Wall
  • Rope Climb
  • and finally the Gladiator Arena.

The volunteers organizers were outstanding. (Katie) We usually volunteer on these events with my family and friends the experience you get as volunteer and runner is amazing because you are not just a participating but you are part of the event it self. meeting people and helping each other by motivating and encouraging the participants it is an incredible experience.

you have to try one of the mud races or obstacle race before you get too old and lazy! up to now I have done, Spartan race, though mudder, zombie race, high rock challenge, rebel race and a couple of more… but the Spartan and Rebel are the best of all, im also looking forward to do the savage race and dash warrior this year.

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