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David Coello

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Hey Everyone, I’m David a NY Thrill Seeker at heart, and one of NY Thrill Seekers Organizer and coach.
Age: 42

What is your favorite thrill seeking adventure? well, my favorites Thrill seeking adventure has to be white water rafting, and paintball. man that was fun. Also hiking in San Diego a 2,000 foot mountain was a rush too,  man! I was so tired, and so busy at the same time  looking out for scorpions as well as rattle snakes. lol

Tell us which thrill seeking adventures have you done? well up to now I have done so many adventures and it has been an incredible experience. I rode my Harley down the east coast to raise money for the LA hurricane for the red cross, I hiked a 2000 foot mountain in san Diego, MMA completion in NY, Knife defense course, rifle and gun shooting in PA, Kite gliding in everglades Florida, hang gliding in Miami Florida, rock climbing, sky diving from 10000 in NJ, white water rafting in Delaware, surfing in San Diego, camping in PA, paintball NY and NJ, snow tubing In PA, indoor freefall in NH and NC, dodge ball in CA, coed football in NY CA NY, coed kickball in CA etc… and speed dating in NY, CA, FL, man that is nerve racking!!! lol and the list keeps grows every day.

How long have you been doing thrill seeking adventures? I been doing this as long as I could remember, from when I was a young kid, from jumping off the piers off the Staten Island ferry to Hitch hiking across country at the age of 17. I’m also ex US Army. man! it has been a crazy rush.

Why do you like this adventures, and what do you get out of it?? It is something I always loved, I love the rush, the butterfly’s are in your stomach and the sense of achievement, you can’t beat it.

What was one of the most riskiest adventures you had? Kite gliding, it was in the everglades, Florida. while been 3,000 feet up in the air it started to rain, i mean pouring rain. the drops where the size of a quarters, lol. I could see the lightening coming down, and in my mind all i could think was how Benjamin Franklyn discovered electricity!!! lol.

Can you give any advice or tips to new NY Thrill seekers, looking for that rush! Just do it!!! have fun… enjoy life

What thrill seeking adventure you like to pursue? I would love to do zip line, Scuba Dive, and mud race, and I love speed dating!!!

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