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David Ordway

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My name is David,  nickname from college jack spinach(nothing to do with popeye or the vegetable).

Age: 59 yrs. old

Background: A woodstock hippie later political campaign manager-strategist, trial lawyer for 25+ yrs,  2nd(or 3rd?) career involving sales. I have done many different things over the years, involving some fabulous fishing expedition trips, after divorce 10 yrs ago, skydiving, white water rafting, camping, woodworking.

what is your favorite thrill seeking adventure? I guess skydiving was-has been the biggest thrill-altho some outrageous amusement park rides also produce some pretty awesome thirlls in a short time. Watching a fish jump water shaking its head throwing sparkling water drops in the sun all around it produces an incredible
moment to experience.

what thrill seeking adventure you like to pursue? never done any bungie jumping or kite gliding off a mountain top.  this
would be equally awesome, it seems to me.

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