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Age: Too painful to type. lol

Tell us a little about your background? Moved to NYC from NC 17 years ago, knowing no one. Stayed in a questionable hotel next door to Letterman’s studio for a week, warming the pizza from next door on my radiator and hiding my laptop behind a panel in the wall until I found a roommate on the UWS. Different apartments and jobs followed over the years, along with an increasing need to get out of Manhattan on weekends.

what is your favorite thrill seeking adventure? White water rafting was the best

Tell us which thrill seeking adventures have you done? white water rafting, mechanical bullriding and a few others I can’t remember

how long have you been doing thrill seeking adventures? About 2 years

Why do you like this adventures, and What do you get out of it?? It offers a chance to do new fun items from my bucket list without having to plan them on my own. It also gives me ideas for new things to try that I hadn’t heard of before, like snow tubing

what was one of the most riskiest adventures you had? probably the rafting as 2 people fell out of our raft, luckily I didnt – oh and the snakes.

can you give any advice or tips to new NY Thrill seekers, looking for that rush? offer ideas of things you want to do.

what thrill seeking adventure you like to pursue? staying on a surfboard longer than 4 seconds; going down in a shark cage to view great whites; sky diving; hang gliding; swimming/snorkeling with whales and whale sharks; trekking in Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas

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