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Hey, Im Patty 
Age: 30


Product Marketing manager with MBA degree, into sports and outdoor activities. I do Crossfit every week and run. I’m currently training for the NYC marathon. 

what is your favorite thrill seeking adventure?The adrenaline rush!!! 

Tell us which thrill seeking adventures have you done? Skydiving, whitewater rafting level 5, bungee jumping off a bridge in south America,  Scuba diving, running half marathon, shooting rifles, semi automatics, Race bikes, races (running), speed roller blading, hiking advance level mountaineering. 

how long have you been doing thrill seeking adventures? Whenever I come across something.

Why do you like this adventures? What do you get out of it? From the adventure  

what was one of the most riskiest adventures you had? Skydiving and whitewater rafting 

what thrill seeking adventure you like to pursue? Rock climbing, ice climbing and something during halloween that will scare me!!! Or whatever you got!!!!!

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