Why Choose us

If you are looking at our website, it is very likely that you have also visited dozens of other adventures sites, meetups, and social active organization. Let’s face it, you want more than whats out there. We are confident that Urban Thrill Seekers is the best choice for you. We bring spontaneous fun fill aventures while promoting team work, wealthness, motivation, confidence, self-accomplishment, as well as public awareness to raise funds for charitable organizations. .

  • We have been around since 2010
  •  We have held over 250 events, and are responsible for hundreds of exciting adventures.
  • Every day we get grateful testimonials from our members.
  • We have more events per month than most competitors.
  • Our social after events parties are great.
  • We are family oriented active social network.
  • We practice what we preach
  •  Our results are completely spontaneous and energetic
  • We promote team work, wealthness, motivation, confidence, and self-accomplishment

Today Urban Thrill Seekers is one of the fastest growing active social organizations in  the USA and soon to be international. Our members ranges from men to women, young to old, all races, all ethnics. Every month we introduce a new fun filling event! So what are you waiting for, Escape the ordinary with us… Are you game?