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list of meal examples

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The Key is to divide what you eat in a day into more meals but smaller portions. I’ll list a few meal examples below and good stuff to eat:

Chicken Breast without skin
Turkey Breast fillets
Eggs/Egg Whites
Bison/Deer Meat
White meats Pork, Lamb great sources of protein
93% and up lean beef (ground beef, roast beef, london broil)
Fish (tuna, salmon, talipa, shrimp, etc.)
Low Fat cottage cheese (Dairy products kept to a minimum)
Whey Protein (Try to only have Post-workout, you don’t want a ton of shakes a day, real solid food is much much better then liquid shakes especially for those skinnier guy’s, those needed to lose weight I’d rather see drinking the shakes)
Casein Protein (Bedtime ONLY, take with an essential fat Ex. Casein Protein w/ Flax Seed Oil or Naturally More Peanut Butter)

FIBROUS CARBOHYDRATES (These are the types of carbs you should consume)
Brown Rice
Wheat Products, Wheat Breads (not enriched type, try Ezekiel Bread), Wheat Cereals and wholemeal products
Vegetables High in Fibre, Beans, Green beans, broccoli, courgettes, carrots, cauliflower
Sweet Potatoes, Yams, spinach, cabbage
Salads, cucumber, lettuce, celery, etc.
Oats (Only all natural steel cut/rolled oats)
Black Beans
Pinto Beans
Rice Cakes
(a small serving approx 1/2 – 3/4 cup with each meal on weight training days is fine)

White Bread
White Rice
Snack Bars, bagels, muffins etc. (Avoid)

Good Essential Fats
Peanut Butter (try Naturally More Peanut Butter)
Udo’s Choice (look it up! It’s perfect for your fat needs!)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fish Oil
Mixed Nuts
*Note* If you can find nuts, almonds, cashews, etc. without salt…even better! Check ingredients!

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